BBC Question Time drops a Brexit clanger!

Over the past couple of years the BBC has turned media bias and fake news into an art form, both in its selective reporting of Brexit related topics and its live forums which are never balanced in terms of audience or panel members. Last weeks Question Time was no exception with the panel formed 4:1 in favour of Remainers with only Isabel Oakeshott representing Leavers.

Isabel was posed the poison chalice question about the UK just leaving the EU with “no deal” which she answered succinctly and positively, despite interruptions from the chairperson. But what happened next must have sent shock waves through the media AND the country at large, because they must have slipped up in their selection of audience who were suddenly on their feet clapping and cheering Isabel’s answer in support of Brexit! Never seen from skewed anti Brexit audiences before.

Take a look, it’s less than a minute duration and note the audience reaction overall and see the shock and horror on the faces of the stooges in the audience front row. Absolutely priceless!

It just shows what the general public actually feel about the lies and fake news put out by the MSM in general and the politicians, celebrities and other elites overall. There is undoubtedly more to come for these so called elites who are now totally exposed in their undemocratic and totalitarian way, attempting to overturn legitimate referendum results they didn’t like, ignoring positive news about our country in favour of faking or exaggerating minor problems, and even now using arcane parliamentary procedures to take control of the country. They think we are blind to their antics, how naive of them!


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  1. I think Andrew is correct in his assertion that the QT panel reflects the views of parliament and the media. As for the QT presenter interrupting, all presenters do this. They have to, because most politicians are media trained not to answer direct questions if they don’t want to. Frankly having QT on for 60 hours wouldn’t solve that problem.

    I’d prefer the audience to have a button they could press when they felt a QT panelist was avoiding the question. If 50% of them did so, the panelist would receive a mild electric shock – enough to make them jump slightly – through their seat. Hey, why not include the moderator too. It may not solve the problem, but it would make the viewing more interesting 🙂

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  2. The problem is that the composition of the panel accurately reflects the balance of pro and anti Brexit views in Parliament and the Media. For most of them the referendum result was a complete disaster. There is now a dangerous rift between public and the elite as you call them.

    I do like it when Diane Abbott is on the panel, she is such a comedian!

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    • She’s a joy to watch Andrew and she makes so many gaffes it’s quite frightening that she could be our Home Secretary! I believe she has some ongoing complaint against the BBC and the presenter of that particular Question Time, something about being interrupted etc etc, but you know what they say about people in glass houses! Your right about the parliament and media makeup but it’s also why we have to jump on and use these little nuggets when we get them. Another one on Thursday ….


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