Brexit, the new Class War!

Brexit is now a class war and the politicians and Remoaniacs just don’t get it! It’s not a class war along the old traditional lines, workers vs owners or even rich vs poor, it’s a new kind of class war based on Elites vs Plebs, or those who hate Britain vs those who love it.

Consider the words of George Orwell who famously wrote in his essay, The Lion and the Unicorn, that there’s a certain type of Englishman who loathes and despises his own country. He wrote about England, but it’s wider than that. In 1941, Orwell referred to these people as the “intelligentsia.” Today, you might more accurately refer to them as the “Remainer elite”.

“England is perhaps the only great country whose intellectuals are ashamed of their own nationality. In left-wing circles it is always felt that there is something slightly disgraceful in being an Englishman and that it is a duty to snigger at every English institution, from horse racing to suet puddings. It is a strange fact, but it is unquestionably true that almost any English intellectual would feel more ashamed of standing to attention during “God save the King” than of stealing from a poor box.”

These are the people today who put themselves above the law, above the constitution, above a legal vote, above the majority. They are fuelled by a misguided sense of elitist superiority, a sense that they know better and what is good for the rest of us. THEY are the ones who have caused the Brexit process to be an omnishambles with their constant carping and shuttling back and forth to Brussels to brief the EU twassocks on how to stick it to us, or only printing stories in the MSM about how awful everything is, how Britain is ruined, how future generations will suffer ad infinitum. The list of these Elites is a long one, but to categorise them ….. the mainstream media especially BBC, Sky News, Ch4 News; so called celebrities such as Gob Geldof and Garbage Lineker; ex prime ministers such as Tony Bliar and John Minor; existing politicians including leaders of some parties such as Vince Cable, Nicola Sturgeon, Yvette Cooper, Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve; so called bloody intellectuals such as AC Grayling; institutions such as the CBI who bleat about needing more time to scenario plan; the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Poison Dwarf himself Jonas Bercow; the list goes on and on of people who are apparently so convinced of their own superiority over the rest of us that there are moves afoot this week for motions in Parliament being tabled to wrest control away from our elected government! I’ll repeat that last bit in case you didn’t quite get it; two groups led by Yvette Cooper and Dominic Grieve who are plotting to pass a minority motion that grants them control ABOVE government ….. bloody hell THAT is treason in anybody’s language from a group who see themselves as “super elite”. They seem to be saying “to hell with the referendum of 2016, the General Election of 2017, Textus Rofensis, Magna Carta, and especially to hell with all you sucker voters!”

So, don’t believe this is a class war? ……. think again because this is a very slippery slope for young and old, fisherman and bankers, men and women, northerners and southerners, educated and uneducated. It’s an attempt at an elitist takeover, a revolution that will not end well, for us OR the EU. But it certainly won’t end well for these Elites!

5 thoughts on “Brexit, the new Class War!

  1. I suppose I might argue that the Tories were not elected to majority Government in 2017 and therefore it is entirely legitimate to challenge them especially as they demonstrate so clearly that they are not fit to govern.

    As for the elites, they will survive, they always have!


    1. The country has become ungovernable with entrenched views of minority parties who stood on a platform of Leave in 2017, especially the Marxist Party, and now do everything to undermine. It was ever thus whenever a Conservative party wins an election because Labour is full of totalitarian left wing anarchist thugs, led by their military wing Momentum. There was no undermining or opposition during the Irish/IRA troubles as it was not in the national interest, but the Marxists and SNP have quite different agendas now which is not the national interest.


      1. I could say that the Tories are packed with right wing privileged elite who will not suffer in any way shape or form regardless of the Brexit outcome. Tories govern on the basis of self interest and capitalist dogma. An example close to my heart is the sale of council houses which has left the country critically short of affordable housing for the non-privileged and handed over the state assets to private landlords and opportunists.

        I honestly do not see that Treason May’s plan is in the national interest and has to be stopped. We have to get this Brexit thing right even if it takes a few extra months to do so. I say this even though I voted to leave.


        1. I partly agree about the housing but feel that selling the council houses was correct, but not building low cost homes a mistake. Our village is shocking for young people low cost homes and is something I have personally campaigned for.
          Mays plan is NOT in the national interest I agree, and parliament voted it down quite rightly but it takes two sides to negotiate and the EU have conceded nothing. Therefore No Deal is in the national interest, not an article 50 extension or a Marxist government, even though I will vote for them!

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  2. Parliament has sovereignty over government. It is also made up of the same ‘elected’ MP’s. The government tried to prevent Parliament getting any vote on the Deal it had negotiated. Without Parliament, we would be heading towards May’s Deal already, as it would not have been voted on. Just thought I’d point it out, to you if not your readers.
    I did proffer the courtesy of accepting your comments, even though they might have been from different view of the current arguments, in the hope of being able to thrash things out entertainingly, but I see that my efforts to engage are wasted.
    Happy wine tasting, I hope you don’t favour French ones.


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