Wine Book Review: “101 Wines to Try Before You Die”

Book, 101 Wines to Buy Before You Die

I bought this book in early summer just after release, and a month before our next wine foray to France. I have been collecting wine for around 50 years and thought it would be a good way to add “a bit more cream” to my collection with wines from different parts of the world. Sadly, it doesn’t quite work like that, because while it may be interesting to some folks who like reading other’s views on the best 101 wines to try …. it started to prove impossible to actually get some of these wines without paying a fortune in shipping costs, or to even visit a winemaker to buy some when you were standing outside his door! A case in point is the Chablis Grand Cru “Les Clos” from Vincent Dauvissat, a winemaker who it is impossible to visit, contact, or even to find a bottle of the stuff in Chablis itself! I respect Mr Dauvissat’s desire for reclusiveness despite his rock star status, but the wild goose chase and potential expense of finding a bottle was too much for yours truly. He wouldn’t even sell a bottle to a friend of mine who lives in Chablis!

Chablis Grand Cru Les Clos, Dauvissat, wine tasting

There are other examples, Dagueneau Pouilly-Fume Silex, the wines of Phillipe Alliet in Chinon ……… but I think you’ve got my point, the book is quite impractical because I would die long before I could get anywhere near many of these wines, despite being able to afford them!

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  1. The customer is king! Needs remembering by self employed people especially! I’ll mention in my email how potentially to deal with arrogant guests at your tastings. I had to do it many times running leadership programmes for CEOs and corporate chairmen. My daughter does it now!


  2. It’s an expensive hobby! How did the author herself get ahold of these wines?

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    • Margaret tasted them over a great many years as a professional taster and writer. She currently writes for Decanter magazine and The Wine Society. She recently had an article on Terroir in the Society newsletter which I wrote to her about …… but …… no reply. Got your email thanks, I’ll reply later when we get out of bed 😂😂

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  3. Thank you for your review – I had a hunch it would be as you stated it was for you. Did you learn anything new about wine though, i.e., were there any descriptions of the wines that stood out to you as, “Hmm, I’ve never heard wine described like that?”

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  4. Seems like an odd way to run a business!

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