Time for our own Brexit poll … right here right now!

I claim no great expertise in political history. Unlike many economists I do not claim the ability to read a crystal ball. I do not understand market sentiment either. But I can add 2+2 correctly, can smell corruption or bullshit a mile away, and ……. recognise the irony of using “Henry VIII powers” in relation to the withdrawal bill for Brexit. (Of course the left wing Marxist snowflakes were very very seriously offended via Twitter because of calling the law by this name, so Treason May apologised profusely and changed the name! You couldn’t make this up!) For those who don’t get it, Henry was the monarch who got pissed off with England being ruled from Rome/Avignon, just the same as most of we English today are utterly pissed off with being ruled from Brussels. (Wales and Scotland you’re on yer own but it looks like the Irish are with us!) So Henry told the Pope(s) to eff off, then destroyed all their properties nicking the gold from inside and the lead from outside. There was no divorce bill and any Spanish fishing rights were seen off shortly afterwards by Francis Drake!
Current sentiment north of Watford also makes me think that there are quite a few Wat Tylers and Guy Fawkes out there too, certainly if the level and direction of conversation in my local pub is anything to go by. I can see a load of rotten fish being dumped near Westminster very soon and a leaf being taken out of the Gilet Jaune protesters book in France too. The potential for the UK being brought to a standstill is increasing as millions of ordinary folks suffer the greatest example of a national amygdala hijack since the last days of Mussolini!
All this talk of a referendum rerun, cheating by the Leave campaign, we didn’t know what we were voting for is a nasty piece of anti democratic propaganda and evil by Blair, Clegg, Mandelson, et al, egged on by those leaders of Europe Macron and Merkel whose national support level is now 25%.
Deciding to Leave the EU is a very simple equation based on three questions that doesn’t require scrutiny of nor voting on “the deal”:

To help you decide here are some facts reported across all of Europe, but not the BBC:
1. President Macron has insisted on the EU having its own army and therefore UK military become subservient to a General/Commander in Chief in Brussels
2. Claude Juncker has insisted on a unified European budget with financial policy removed from individual countries and controlled from Brussels
3. Angela Merkel insists on the removal of national borders and the dilution of national sovereignty for individual nations

This is completely anonymous and hopefully, if I’ve set it up right, you will see a progress chart on completion.

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  1. I think you misrepresent the debate and raise your own ‘project fear’ about the other European leaders. The EU is about partially pooling sovereignty for the shared common good. We are not and have never been under the thumb of Brussels. Indeed, any trade deal involves some compromise with ones own sovereignty – as we will find out if we do one with the US! Re European army, as USA begins to obviously disengage with Europe is it not right that the effectiveness of NATO as our sole defensive shield be at least reconsidered?


    • I’m afraid you appear to be sadly misguided and misled unfortunately by lying politicians and biased mainstream media. The EU is a protectionist racket with Macron and Merkel rubbing their hands in glee at destroying us.


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