Picture behind the story #23 What goes up ….. must come down!

Final preparations for the next Nepal trip in 2004 with a long weekend in Chamonix getting into and out again of Bergschrund on ice slopes.

A bergschrund (from the German for mountain cleft) is a crevasse that forms where moving glacier ice separates from the static ice. It is often a serious obstacle for mountaineers. In winter, a bergschrund is often filled by snow from avalanches from the mountain above it whereas in late summer, due to melting, it lies open and can present a very, very difficult obstacle.

In this photo you can see the bergschrund as a large crack running horizontally across the snow slopes with most people avoiding it on the right. But where’s the fun in that?

Petit Aiguilles Verte, France

Petit Aiguilles Verte, France

In the pictures below, ascending the slopes and getting INTO the bergschrund is quite straightforward, getting out but still ascending is very difficult as the ice is often overhanging you … too dangerous for photos! Coming DOWN the slope into the bergschrund is much easier and out again …. provided ropes and anchors have been correctly set. If not ……. !!!

Going Up:

Going Down:

Abseiling into a bergschrund


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