European tw@t of the month? It’s no contest!

You may all be wondering about the title of this post, I’ll get to it in a moment.

I’m sitting at home now in complete calm and comfort after spending a week in The Republic of France. A glass of Chablis in hand as I enter the log of my wine purchases in Chablis and Pommard, both in Burgundy where we have both French and English friends. It’s been a week of wine tasting, wine culture and a small exploration of the history of Gaul and the Roman propaganda that had the people of Gaul as barbarians. But nothing could be further from the truth as I will post in a related article about The Treasures of Vix, which ought to send you all scrambling for Google search!

Yesterday we left Epernay around 9.30am for a 2.5 hours journey to the Channel Tunnel and had been driving for just 10mins when we were blocked from proceeding by a horde of yellow vested barbarians, aka French people protesting about the increases in fuel prices that they blame on Emperor Micron, sorry, I mean President Macron of France. But maybe I was right first time.

They surrounded our car and demanded that we sign their petition to reduce taxes on fuel in France, and guess what …… we refused! They couldn’t believe it, surely we would sign so as to be allowed on our way. I told them it was THEIR country, THEIR problem not mine. They looked puzzled! There was much discussion, but they were NOT threatening in any way. I decided to push my luck and asked them if they supported Brexit and would sign my notebook in favour of a “no deal” ……. they waved us through!

About 30 mins before Calais another large group had blocked the motorway at a Peage, hundreds of the buggers, lots of police standing around doing nothing, classic French police and military I guess! They would let a car or lorry through at random every 10 mins. I’ve now got steam coming out of my backside and ears as the time for our departure via Eurotunnel gets closer until a Range Rover breaks ranks and accelerates towards the gap/barrier. The protesters converge, the English driver winds his window down and says “get out of the fu**ing way”, the police break up the crowd, several other English cars follow. We make it in time to catch our train!

Later that day we hear that one protester has been killed and many have been injured as they blockaded roads, towns, villages across the whole of France.

Now to my article and it’s title. Here in Europe we seem to have politicians who have not only lost touch with the electorate, but become totally detached from reality. Here’s a few examples.

Mutti Merkel

1. In Germany we have Mutti Merkel, the German Chancellor who has opened the floodgates on migration across Europe, whose popularity is at an all time low, and who yesterday proclaimed that the so called Brexit deal which ties us in to EU laws, fixed trade deals, and open borders is their final offer and there can be no more negotiation. Definitely in the running for tw@t of the month.

Treason May

2. Next we have Treason May, the UK Prime Minister who makes Judas Iscariot seem like a saint as she pretends to be doing her best for Britain in the Brexit negotiations, but in reality is a closet Remainer doing her best to chain us as slaves to EU laws and without any chance of making trade deals with the rest of the world. Theresa love, we didn’t vote for trade deals, we voted for sovereignty you tw@t!

Manu Micron

3. And now to Manu Micron, the French President and Emperor of Europe in waiting. An absolute midget of a politician, a man whose tw@ttish behaviour in this month beggars belief. First he proclaims that the port of Calais will be closed to Britain in the event of a no deal Brexit, only to be slapped down by the Mayor of Calais who reminded the President that ports work in two directions and he has no chance of closing Calais. Next, there seems to be increasing evidence that he has been scheming behind the scenes to undermine and sabotage the Italian budget/economy and is openly seeking strong sanctions against the Italian government for their creation of a budgetary deficit. Then he finally comes out of the closet and begins lobbying for the formation of an EU army to protect Europe from Russia, China and …. wait for it …. the USA! The fact that he announces this on Armistice Day, a time when we should be honouring the US military for their sacrifice in liberating France …. not once but twice, makes President Emmanuel Macron of France my hands down winner of tw@t of the month in Europe.

4. There were a few other nominees for this award who didn’t quite make the short list including Diane Abbot for her political correctness buffoonery in maintaining that we shouldn’t say that the sex grooming gangs of Rotherham, Oldham, Telford were Pakistani …… because it’s racist; and Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, for saying it will take 10 YEARS to combat the increase in knife crime which has accelerated over only 3 YEARS of his mayorship. Both tried hard to win this months award, but I’m certain their tw@ttery will continue for months to come.

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  1. Politicians try to please everyone, and end up helping no-one. Brexit was always going to be a massive mess, especially considering the narrow win in the referendum. I say win, because I’m all for breaking free from the shackles that hold us back, but there does have to be some pragmatism involved. I’ve read the entire draft agreement document, and while it’s not ideal, it’s a step forward. The press and the likes say we could be trapped, but I don’t think so – as a sovereign country, we can do what’s in our best interest, and tear up any agreements if they aren’t in our favour. Look at the clown Trump – he doesn’t hesitate at ripping up agreements. The Maybot isn’t strong enough in my opinion, but I’d hate to see Bumbling Boris take up the reigns. David Davis could be a good shout, but again – he’ll try to please everyone, and get nowhere. If Corbyn and his comrades were in charge, it would be no different under them. It would be a case of same sh*t, different leader.

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    • If you’re trapped inside a steel cage the objective is to get out. End of! The slippery slope our own country is on is no different from that of Germany, Italy, Spain etc. Totalitarian governments abound and in the U.K. the undermining of a vote just beggars belief with 48% actually working against even negotiating a decent deal. Blair, Clegg, Corbyn, et al have conspired in encouraging the dictators of Brussels to negotiate a punishment deal to force political and civil strife. The naivety of many is scary and we are planning to leave the U.K. as an entire family with our wealth and skills.

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  2. I think I would have to nominate Michael Gove for being a gutless obnoxious weasel!

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