Don’t you just hate ….. the “C” word?

“What’s up Doc” said Sid (Buddha to everyone else), “you’re looking a bit grumpy, where’s Dr C”
“Shopping and having a drink with a friend”
“So? What’s up?”
“Don’t you just hate ….. the “C’ word?”
“What, cancer, Conservative, curry, …..?


  • The smell …..of roasting coffee beans …. smoke, acrid, bitterness!
  • The menu … grande, primo, trenta, venti, etc coffee with all sorts of stuff in it!
  • The environment ….. noisy coffee bars, people on phones, the local crèche club!
  • Barista! …. what the hell, I thought this was a misprint on a T shirt for Trainee Barrister!
  • Tea choice …. ranging from none to English Breakfast and concocted Tea Bags full of herbs or flowers!

When WILL someone open a range of tea houses who understand that Orange Pekoe is a GRADE of tea, not a type of tea, that tea bags dangling in a cup is akin to serving coffee lovers a cup of Instant Nescafé with powdered milk, that tea is served in a pot with separate milk and hot water for top ups or dilution, that there are as many estate teas across China, Japan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya etc just like there are wine estates across France, Spain, Italy …… and that teas require varying temperatures to brew depending on leaf, country, grade.

Read my post about Proper Tea here

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  1. I should also of mentioned the after dinner coffee, what’s that all about, after a nice meal and a jug of house wine who really wants a cup of foul mud. That’s where Chinese restaurants score of course because they always offer tea. I don’t mind tea after a meal!

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  2. Coffee breath – horrible! Can’t stand the stuff in any of its preposterous formats!

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