Yes, we’re old, but not white supremacists!

Buddha walks into his usual wine bar and greets his two mates, The Two Doctors:

“Namaste you two, I see you’ve been travelling again, how was it?” Said Buddha (Sid to his mates)
“A bit mixed, some long drives, but good visits to castles and abbeys, cultural and historic!”
“Ah, speaking of historic, you two are now into your “old age period”, still travelling, comfortably off, no debts, how are you treated generally within your society? I do have a reason for asking, so please bear with me.”
“Well, locally in our village, all is fine, there is no ageism towards us if that’s what you mean. But when we travel we do notice differences as to how we are treated between our own country and Italy, Spain, France for example. In those countries, people hold doors open for us, offer up seats on buses and trains, ask us to go first in queues, always ask if we’d like any assistance when we visit museums or monuments, and many visits to museums or galleries are actually free or severely reduced.”
“That’s good to hear, of course “in my time and place” old age was to be honoured, respected, revered; it was part of the culture of Asian countries and still is in many ways.”
“Well, I don’t think we want to be honoured and revered just because we are old, but respect for being good citizens, being caring towards others less fortunate for example shouldn’t be too much to ask for.”

“Ah, that brings me around to why I raised this subject, do you know who Robert Neil Butler was?
“No, never heard of him, but you said “was”, are you bringing him in, where is he?”
“No, I haven’t spoken to him, but he coined the word “ageism” in 1969 and since then several aspects of his work into different types of ageism have been incorporated into Equality Law, in some cases alongside racism and other forms of discrimination.”
“I don’t think either of us have ever been discriminated against on the grounds of age Sid.”
“Well how about this, something I have just read, an extract from one of your more serious newspapers in England, tell me what you think:”

“A new poll from YouGov has revealed that 18 to 20-year-olds, who were not old enough to vote during the 2016 referendum, would overwhelmingly back Remain. This has once again got Remainers gleefully tallying up how many Brexit voters will die each year… There is a nasty streak of ageism running through all of these youth-led campaign groups and their supporters. They have set up Brexit as a battle between young and old, and their message is that the young matter more. The sense of entitlement is breathtaking. Since the referendum, no episode of BBC Question Time has been complete without a fresh-faced audience member telling us all how young they are and why that means they should decide everyone’s future for them.” (Naomi Firsht for The Times)

“Ah yes I see where this is going, you’re right, this ageist view has all of us branded as selfish, uncaring has-beens, and the leader (Vince Cable) of one of our political parties even referred to us as “white supremacists”. They think we voted in our referendum to leave the EU just to spite the young, because leaving was better for us in the short term and we had no concern for the future. If they had a single brain cell between them they would see the utter fallacy of their vitriol, quite simply because we have children, grand children, great grand children … and we voted because we care about the future of our country for THEM! We don’t want it to be ruled from Brussels, with a single budget and finance ministry, a unified military controlled by a French or German general. We couldn’t care less about the price of Prosecco or cheap flights …. what have these things got to do with age?”

“I take your point Dr B, but this must be creating an environment filled with unhappiness, it’s very divisive across your society and goes much beyond politics. Hating people because of their age is no different from hating people on the grounds of their skin colour, religion, or gender, but I don’t see any exposing of it or attempts to prevent or prosecute. I fear that your country is going to be a very unhappy place for many years with such entrenched views. Have you considered moving to Asia?”

“Often oh perceptive one! Om!”

Footnotes: Media reporting/evidence

Generational Revenge

Ugly scourge of ageism

Generational tensions


14 thoughts on “Yes, we’re old, but not white supremacists!

  1. I didn’t mean to imply that your children don’t have brains, but that those who say “you didn’t know what you were voting for” certainly don’t. Respect is a key issue, as we have respected for hundreds of years that a vote is binding and merely a different point of view till the next vote. Not any more …. according to Geldof, Blair, Sturgeon, Campbell, Adonis, Grayling et al. Some of us read that government document and acted on it, just like we acted on saving and topping up our pensions when we were young. Facts trump opinions every time!


  2. I think this very point came up on QT last week. Someone on the panel (I forget who) quite rightly said that a referendum result represents a point in time and you cannot keep having a new one every year to take account of changing demographics.

    I know that my children (33 and 31) were disappointed in me for voting to leave!

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    1. My daughter and her husband, 40 and 39 are right with us, but they have brains and can separate fact from fiction! I don’t know if I can do this, I’ll try in a sec, but I’ve just been re reading the government leaflet pre referendum that highlights two things: 1. The government will implement your decision. 2. Leaving the EU means leaving the single market. So to tell an old git like me I didn’t know what I was voting for is naive, insulting, lies, bullshit and …… ageism! I’ll try to send the link.


  3. The ugly scourge of leftism is, generally speaking, coming from older people that have not expelled the extremism of their adolescence. It’s understandable for an 18-year old to hold some counter culture ideas – one might say it’s even normal. But for a 70-year old to walk around with a pussy hat and a Che Guevara shirt is downright embarrassing.

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    1. Certainly, but Dr C and I don’t wear pussy hats, our preference is for black balaclavas with eye slits 😂😂😂. But the leftists in the UK are predominantly young, from MSM, so called celebs, BBC presenters and interviewers, and all others who wouldn’t recognise a “fact” if they fell over it or had sex with it!


      1. Same in the States and Australia. I fault the left-wing academics for blackmailing the students with ideology (agree with them or fail the class). Also, the media community is also to blame for continually pushing race-based politics and then reacting with indignation when people pose a counterargument.

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        1. Sort of, Dr. B. My son is 6 months old and my daughter 3…so that makes 2 toddlers running around my feet. Sometimes my great thoughts are interrupted by the smell of a freshly soiled diaper in need of replacement. 🙂

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