A family wine night!

Our daughter’s birthday, fine wine, a brilliant charcuterie, a home made wine quiz, a barrel of laughs. The pictures tell it all, apart from the morning headaches!

1. Get ready

2. The birthday girl

3. The charcuterie

4. The wine quiz

5. She’s raiding my wine chiller!

Wines enjoyed, Cremant de Loire, Cuvee Flamme; Savennières Jalousie; Pommard, Epenots; Meursault, Clos de Maix Chavaux, monopole.

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7 replies

  1. Firstly happy belated to your daughter. Secondly, That charcuterie!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my word looks delicious! Where can I get a copy of that quiz? I love it, I want to post about it.

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    • My daughter wrote it herself, but the questions were related to each of us and our own knowledge and experience so it wouldn’t work for anyone else …. it wouldn’t make sense


  2. Looks like a perfect party! Happy belated birthday to your beautiful daughter!

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  3. Sounds like quite an evening, who won the quiz?


  4. Looks like a fun time and the food delicious!! Funny how a spelling mistakes on the quiz question jumps right out at you. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter. xo

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