The truth behind the bra burning feminists?

The news yesterday that it’s now 50 years ago since the so called burning of bras demonstration prompted this post:

Buddha walks into a wine bar, sits down at a table with Dr B and Dr C and asks “what’s all this stuff in the news about burning bras some 50 years ago?” (BBC News today)

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“It was a symbolic act, Sid,” said Dr C, “I can call you Sid?” “Of course” said Siddhartha. “How do you mean, symbolic?”

“Well,” Dr C continued, “it symbolised women throwing off perceptual constraints of them only being fit for beauty contests, work in the home and producing babies, but I’m simplifying of course. It was also symbolic because no bras were actually burnt, and only one woman took off her bra and threw it into a trash can during a demonstration.”

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“Did it help?” said Sid.

“Probably,” said Dr B, “but as you well know Sid, correlation does not mean causality and we cannot be sure that one woman chucking her bra into a trash can changed perceptions of women in the Western World.”

“But surely there are much bigger issues than “the perception of women” in the world today, but still related to women?” asked Sid (Buddha)

“Oh, we both agree with that Sid, which issues do you refer to specifically?”

“Well I notice that Dr C drives a car, has a British passport and full citizenship, can vote in elections, can wear whatever she pleases, has a bank account, equal pension rights, had a stunning education to PhD and a long profession, owns a house, is not subjected to sexual-physical abuse including rape and fgm, did not have to provide a dowry on marrying, need I go on?”

“No, no, that’s a heck of a list Sid, how do you know about all those things?”

“Well Dr B, I don’t walk around with my head up my arse, virtue signalling to all and sundry when actually all I would be doing is posturing or acting out of self interest. The needs of the many are being drowned by the howls for the few. There are millions of women around the world who are institutionally abused, subjugated, and discriminated against and it’s time a few bras, knickers, and anything else were burned in THAT direction!”

“We didn’t have you down as a radical Sid, they’re pretty strong words!”

“Never mind that Dr B, is that a Dauvissat Chablis 2005 from the Grand Cru Les Clos climat in your glass?”

“Yes Sid, how the heck did you know that?”

“It’s on the bottle label Dr B! Pluck the arrow from your eye and see the world more clearly, Om!”

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  1. That is really good, you should do more of this sort of thing!

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