Wine Wednesday #2: How to spend less on wine …. and more!


Interested in wine and want to understand more but don’t know how or where to look? Fed up of professional AND amateur’s tasting notes with a “fruit salad bingo” description? Frustrated by internet articles recommending wines in a UK supermarket when you live in the US, or wines in an Italian wine bar when you live in Manchester? Prefer house wines from a cracked jug and all you ever read about are so-called fine wines costing £100+? Well so am I, and that’s why I read MORE articles related to wine philosophy, wine culture, grapes, terroir and techniques. It’s also why we explore winemakers and different grape varieties on our travels around the world.

But not everyone has the time to do all this research or the funds to travel as widely as we do in retirement. Hence …….. Wine Wednesday …. a curated newsletter filled with some of the more “educational” and informative articles on the internet this week and from the past. Not all of my articles will be current, some are the BEST from the past and stand the test of time. Now and again I will re-publish one of my own articles in case you missed it on my own blog, and if I ever write something about an individual wine or type it will be about something generic that is available everywhere. And I thoroughly recommend using an app on your phone and tablet to store the article to read later or for reference. The two best to try are Pocket and Instapaper, both free.


• Two beginners guides to understanding and tasting wine

• How to spend LESS on wine!

• A personal story of how I learned about all-things-wine

• Some of the best apps to improve your wine interest

Click Wine Wednesday to access the full magazine and do follow us for an alert of each published newsletter.

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  1. This is really fantastic, thanks for the info! I’ve already passed it onto a girlfriend who celebrates “Winesday” every Wednesday.

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