Nothing to say about Alsace architecture!

I suppose I make very few posts with very little to say, but this is one such post! Architecture in Alsace, Germanic influence, half timbered, red clay fillings and tiles ……..  nuff said!

Alsace, Ribeauville Street sign

Alsace, Ribeauville, Storks nest


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  1. What a colorful place to visit. Love the wood work 😊

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  2. Is the wine French or German influenced? Nice pictures of an interesting region. Have you visited the Maginot Line?

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    • Ashamed to say I haven’t visited Maginot Line on any of our visits! Not sure why but it wasn’t even a thought in my head, though on each occasion we’ve been relatively close. Next time, thanks for the prod! Alsace wines seem to be neither French nor German to me, but they have characteristics of both. They seem heavier than German wines from the same grapes, and more cloying but less sharp than French whites. I don’t actually like them! It’s a very picturesque region though and I would have liked to have moved around more last week but I wasn’t in my own car and it all became heavily food and wine oriented as it was my daughter’s first visit to the area and she’s a wine enthusiast and collector too.

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