Alsace, a foodie photographer’s dream, a nibbler’s nightmare!

Is there any finer place than the Alsace region of France for food, wine and architecture? Wine tasting is a delight with friendly Cooperatives in Turckheim and Ribeauville, family domaines in towns and villages surrounded by the vines, and bars and restaurants selling the local wines by the glass, carafe and bottle often with the traditional green glasses. Alsace has MORE Michelin star restaurants than anywhere else in France, including Paris, but fine dining is completely overshadowed by their local traditional foods of massive proportions! Choucroute and Baekhoeffa are the two classics along with their Tarte Flambee, looks like a pizza but isn’t a pizza! I found choosing a wine to go with these dishes over 4 days recently an absolute nightmare! If you’re on a calorie controlled diet (which I’m not) Alsace must be hell, but if you’re a foodie photographer it’s heaven …. form your own judgement from the food photographs below!


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  1. Lovely to see how the geography influences the architecture, wine and food. Great pictures!

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  2. Oh, my, now I’m hungry and thirsty and JEALOUS! Enjoy!

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  3. I gained weight just looking at the pictures!!

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