Wines 101 #2 Did I really put a Gewürztraminer on my Bucket List?

Gewürztraer Grand Cru, Furstentum Domaine Weinbach

The star of the show!

I have to admit, Alsace wines are not my favourite…… I can appreciate a great wine but I don’t necessarily have to like it! But I DO like Alsace the region, especially the strip between Ribeauville and Turckheim and this was our third holiday here.
Wines play a big part of daily life here however: employment, the economy, wine tourism, and culture …. wine dominating language, relationships, food, history, family …
But this visit had a very specific wine related purpose, to seek out, taste and buy just one bottle of Gewürztraminer, and more specifically the Grand Cru Furstentum from Domaine Weinbach. This is wine #2 on my Wines 101 Bucket List and I had made an appointment with Catherine Faller, the owner of Domaine Weinbach, to taste this highly rated wine. Unlike Vincent Dauvissat of Chablis …. she agreed to let me in!
Domaine Faller, Clos des Capucins

Domaine Faller, Clos des Capucins, Weinbach

Domaine Faller, Clos des Capucins
We arrived on time at 2.30pm at the Weinbach estate and were welcomed by Theresa, Catherine’s assistant, as we entered the hall and were taken through into the classiest tasting room ever! It looked like the drawing room of my grandparent’s home from the late 1800s, and I say that with great respect. We loved it as Theresa described the history of winemaking on the estate, the family history and how Catherine became the owner.
We began tasting with a chilled Pinot Blanc, crisp, fresh, slightly acidic and lightly mineral, a good palate cleanser for the “main course”. The Furstentum followed and we were not disappointed, a wine of great complexity, long finish and … nervosite! We bought two bottles, one for home and one to drink immediately …… But no detailed notes written in situ ….. be patient!
Theresa, Domaine Faller, Clos des Capucins

Theresa, Tasting host

Gewürztraer Grand Cru, Furstentum Domaine Weinbach

Gewürztraer Grand Cru, Furstentum Domaine Weinbach

We drove back to our hotel in Ribeauville, got an ice bucket, four glasses and sat outside in the square and opened up the bottle. So, that’s #2 done on my Wines 101 Bucket List, not only a different grape, a different wine …. but a different experience in a very classy wine domaine. Now, where should we go next, need to study the book a bit more!
101 Wines Bucket List wine tasting standards

101 Wines Bucket List wine tasting standards

Where next?

Overall Progress of Wines 101


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10 replies

  1. I find Gewurtztraminer a bit too sweet to drink on it’s own. I think it tastes best with either fois gras or a dessert.

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  2. I know nothing about the wine but I do know that Alsace has a turbulent and interesting history.

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  3. I know nothing about the wine but it is a fascinating area historically. Annexed by Germany in 1870, returned to France in 1918 and taken again by Germany in 1940. French again now but for how long?


    • Sorry, just found this comment ….. it was in spam I think because a link was included in your comment. I suppose it could be part of Mutti Merkel’s grand plan for Europe to annex it again ….. economically rather than militarily?


  4. I worked for a German woman for the first ten years of my working life and she introduced me to Gewürztraminer. It is still a favourite of mine, although I am not as wine knowledgeable as you are.

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    • Sometimes knowledge is actually a hindrance Darlene as a number of wine philosophy books I am reading assert. Anticipating can get in the way of a tasting sometimes and I’d already told myself I don’t like Gewürztraminer before I tasted this one!

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