Where are all the feminist protesters other than grandstanding?

Nepali girl Himalaya

Where are all the feminist protesters?

I have never been “in tune” with the feminazi who have inflamed America and swarmed across the globe. From celebrities to ordinary women they have virtue signalled ad nauseum whilst ignoring the plight of billions of women, young and old typified by this little girl in Nepal. She’s just 7 years old but looks somewhere between 4 and 40. I met her in 2003 on one of my Himalaya mountaineering expeditions. It inspired me and Dr C to create our own education programme in Nepal but I am often aghast at what inspires these feminists who have no concept at all of real women’s rights such as those of this little girl collecting firewood for her family to survive while the Nepalese politicians live a life of luxury creaming off overseas aid! What Trump may or may not have said in a locker room is far more important to these left wing snowflakes.

End of rant, sorry, but I suddenly remember this little girl as I grow old and reflect on what might have been!

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  1. I don’t disagree, but want to be clear, Trump is a flaming ass, this does not change.


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