Truffles and English Sparkling anyone?

English Truffles and English Sparkling Wine

English Truffles and English Sparkling Wine
English Truffles and English Sparkling Wine

ENGLAND is set become the truffle capital of the world within 30 years, scientists have predicted, as they work to develop a new genetically enhanced variety, which grows twice as fast.
A shift in climate means truffle farmers in the Mediterranean are facing exceptionally dry weather, creating a shortage of the fungus. Mediterranean black truffles are mostly found in northern Spain, southern France and northern Italy where they thrive in warm, dry conditions.
Also, English sparkling wine from Kent and Sussex has Champagne growers worried especially by the quality and value of wines such as those from Chapeldown and Nyetimber which are sweeping up the International awards.

28 thoughts on “Truffles and English Sparkling anyone?

        1. Oh god, then wait till you read the start of my 101 Wines Bucket List I’m just starting, post in about 7-8 days time


        2. All sounds good. But I always like a Fray Bentos!
          Reminded me of a story. I once worked for a Waste Management Company called Cory Environmental and they appointed a man as a Contract Manager at Woodspring Council in Somerset on the basis that he would be good at organising refuse collection and street cleaning on the basis that he knew the area because he had previously been a salesman for Ginster’s Pies. That is a true story…

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        3. Brilliant, you couldn’t make that up! I remember your Cory stories from Whitehaven. Mind you I think Ginsters should be a protected name status like champagne or cognac!


        4. You need to get out more Andrew, I could push your wheelchair around an English vineyard or too if you needed. Rondo is the grape doing well


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