Trumpet Tuesday: EU lapdogs and Constitutional Crises!

Once again the EU and their lapdogs have caused a constitutional crisis in a member country. First it was the U.K. and the plotting via Blair, Soros, and the House of Lords, then Hungary and the Soros NGOs, and now Italy with the President refusing to endorse the appointment of a Finance Minister because he is against being a member of the Eurozone following complaints from investors! In all of these cases there is clear EU interference AGAINST legally elected governments or clear mandates from referenda.
Whether you were pro EU membership or not a year ago, how can ANYONE now want to be a member of this totalitarian regime who will stop at nothing to cling to their sick organisation that is completely against nation state sovereignty?

Edit: “It is indeed a joy to see EU democracy at work in Italy. It doesn’t matter how the people vote – they can only have a government and a finance minister who support the euro.”

Reuters report on incensed Italians

Europe’s losing streak

Next Italian election a referendum on Itexit?


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  1. The EU is a sick joke, a mudslide of corruption and BREXIT will begin the avalanche that will sweep it away. Hopefully!

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  2. Oops, did I say he wasn’t Italian?


  3. As far as I’m aware, the president of Italy is Italian. But I agree that his decision is rather strange, and actually likely to further the ‘populist’ cause.
    The EU is like the UK and US, in that all have failed to make ‘the system’ work for the poorer people since the 2008 financial crisis. Hence Brexit, Trump, Hungary, Italy…
    Personally I would rather the EU were made to work more fairly than it were to dissolve back into a 19th century Europe of rival states, alliances, etc.


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