Trumpet Tuesday: Women’s Rights or Human Rights in Kathmandu?

A positive Trumpet about a couple blogging from Kathmandu about everyday life in Kathmandu. Their blog is a rarity, because most blogs I read from Nepal are either self centred like a Facebook page, or writing about a specific trek or adventure …. then nothing! This blog is different and should be supported. This specific post is about women being “molested” by ignorant, crude, shithead men on public transport, another example of women’s rights being abused around the world while western women protest about Trump’s locker room banter. It’s time to stop talking about the abuse of women as a “women’s rights issue”. It isn’t ….. it’s a human rights issue. If another person molested me on a bus I wouldn’t cry “men’s rights”, I’d smack him in the mouth and worry about rights later. But do read their post and follow them, they need support.



Many of you may never have taken a public transport.

And I am not among those, many; however, I do not frequent the public transport as well. I rarely take bus and often encounter the Bus man. Then, I wonder again, if theres a Bus woman.

My experience to those who have taken and have not taken a Bus.

Today, I am going to visit a friend and I am waiting for a taxi. As, I am waiting for the taxi, I remember, I do not have many good experiences on taxi rides as well.

It’s been a couple of minutes and I see no signs of a taxi. A bus is coming towards my direction. It has stopped in front of me and the surprising thing is, there are few empty seats. Without further thoughts, I am inside the bus. Few people hopped on along with me. I cannot believe…

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  1. What they are doing is commendable indeed and ought to be supported. Thanks for sharing this Dr. B.

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  2. Ask a modern Western woman, “What rights does a man have that you don’t?” They’re usually unable to answer. Or, if they do answer, it centers on some type of social convention (i.e. double standards) as opposed to written legislation.

    In short, full of sound and fury and signifying nothing (to quote a famous Englishman).

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  3. I am not condoning it of course but why is it acceptable for a woman to describe herself as a feminist? That is sexist isn’t it? Imagine the furore of a man described himself as a masculanist. It is a dirty word!


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