Macro Monday: The Alium and the Bee!

A member of the onion family, garden Aliums are a welcome burst of colour between Spring and Summer. But it’s the Bumblebee that caught my attention here. Did you know:

  • A bee can detect a single molecule of sugar at a distance of one mile!?
  • Bumblebees hibernate under the ground?
  • They will NOT die if they use their sting, unlike honeybees?
  • Their wings beat 130 times per second?
  • There are 255 different species of bumblebee?

4 thoughts on “Macro Monday: The Alium and the Bee!

  1. I hate to admit I know next to nothing about bumblebees and what I’ve learned about honeybees I’ve learned from television. Did you hear that story a few years back about the French honey producers who couldn’t figure out why their bees were producing colored honey until they found out they were getting sugar from a nearby candy factory? such amazing creatures.

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    1. I dis overed this during my PhD in Chemistry in 1970, specialising in analytical chemistry which included knowing stuff about detection limits!


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