Flummox Friday: 8 Golden Rules for being a Buddhist Stoic.

I cannot claim to have any great wisdom, though I HAVE had a lot of defining moments in my long life. Born in relative poverty, wasting early education, then a revelation in education, some great mentors, a great marriage, wonderful children, successful career, many setbacks personal and business, privileged to provide education aid for thousands of underprivileged children, and ….. a carefree retirement because we believed what people told us when we were young! These 8 Golden Rules are based on real experience across our entire lives, they are not theoretical, though you WILL find most of them in the volumes written about Buddhism and Stoicism. We hope you find them useful, but apply your OWN mind to them!

The 8 Golden Rules

  1. Accept that shit happens! You will meet lots of it today, at work, on the bus, on the news, Internet, neighbours, in Starbucks, shit everywhere!
  2. Accept that everything is impermanent, the shit on the bus, your constipation, your marriage, your job, your life!
  3. Accept that your “state of being” is determined by how you see things, not the things themselves. So all you snowflakes and feminazi, stop being offended by every little thing ….. get a life!
  4. Deal with what you CAN control, ignore what you CANNOT. You can control your own perception of things, not what others say or do.
  5. Work out what it means for YOU to live “a good life”
  6. Make ethics and values the central issue of your day to day life, especially courage and justice.
  7. Live IN the moment, mindfulness is essential
  8. Meditate twice a day, morning to prepare yourself, evening to reflect on what you learned.


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  1. Hi Dr B. I’m new to the blogging scene. It’s nice to read things like this, I myself have similar views, though in my current environment it can be difficult to connect with other like minded​ people. I’m looking forward to more from you.

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  2. I know these rules by heart but so freaking hard to implement ….. looks like you’ve lived them. Great!

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  3. Okay…I have a question. First, love the list, very inspiring! Second, here’s the question help me understand your perspective on how #6 doesn’t contradict #4? 😉


    • Give me an example of a possible contradiction.


      • If a person has chosen their perspective on ethics and values, centralizing them for their day to day life, they have to be a judge in justice sense to determine what they can or cannot control. If I value red wine, and I think it should be only served with steak, I would see the injustice of others who take the courage to serve white wine with their steak. PS – I took the courage to challenge you in a comment…the injustice of me finding a proper argument for my challenge should be forgiven right? 😉


        • You are over complicating this. Example of a non contradiction: A person values learning and achievement, but is stressed about tomorrow’s exam and worrying about whether there will be questions on the paper they can answer. They cannot control the questions! Or, they have an interview but worry about a traffic jam or a late bus or a taxi breaking down, none of which they can control. Or they are worried about an x Ray result, also not within their control. There is no connection between 4 and 6. And, you didn’t challenge me, you asked a question I didn’t understand. Also liking red wine or white wine isn’t a value, drinking white wine with steak isn’t a value either.

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        • One of my personal values is Tolerance, I try hard not to “judge” questions or statements from others. I try to understand them, then to Respect their perspective (another of my values) even though I may not share the same perspective.


  4. Well I’ve just reblogged it too, because it’s good – nay essential – to be reminded of these simple rules from time time. All too easy to forget and be distracted/seduced by other stuff, much of it not really relevant anyway. So thank you for the nudge, reminder etc!

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  5. Reblogged this on Eyes in the back of my Head and commented:
    Those 8 Golden Rules…..so important, so simple, so easy to forget….good to have reminders. We sleepwalk a lot of the time, forgetting all-so- quicklyt the wisdom of Rule 7: Live in the moment. I’d maybe add my own rule – laugh, remember to laugh too.

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  6. Reblogged this on I can't believe it! and commented:
    Wise words from Dr B. Golden rules for living. Buddhist and Stoic wisdom.

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    • Thank you Barry, I always say that a fellow blogger reblogging a post is the ultimate in recognition, NOT these blog award things which work like the old chain letter scams! 🙏👫



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