Trumpet Tuesday: Millennials and the Pie Tins

Telegraph 14 May 2018

FRAY BENTOS may have to redesign its pie tins after more than 50 years because millennials cannot open them. Frustrated young consumers have complained that the metal used for the tin is too thick for normal tin openers.
Videos have appeared on YouTube of failed attempts to get into the pies, with some people resorting to hammers, screwdrivers and chisels. One person posted a video of himself smashing the tin open with a big knife with the message: “Tin opener wouldn’t open so used the biggest chef’s knife I had and a hammer.”
When the videos started to appear, Fray Bentos, which is owned by Baxters, tried to address the problem by posting a message on its website advising shoppers: “Due to the nature of the product, we strongly advise our customers to use a robust can opener.” It offered a link to the recommended opener which retails at £8.50p – four times as much as a classic Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie, which costs about £2. But consumers were still unhappy and Fray Bentos has now said it is putting the iconic tin under the design microscope in a bid to “improve openability”.
A spokesman for Baxters said: “We have tried to improve the openability of the can without compromising the integrity or quality of the product… we have concluded that the cans require a robust ‘cut from the top’ opener rather than a ‘cut from the side’ opener. Budget tin openers will not deliver consistent results.
“Moving to a ring pull lid has been considered, but due to the surface area and force required to lift the lid, this may result in serious injury to the consumer, so this has been discounted as a potential solution.”

With a similar attitude we Baby Boomers are often accused of, we could destroy half the U.K. food and packaging industry: at our age now and stage of decrepitude we struggle with ring pull cans, sardine tins, wine bottles needing an opener, those bloody ready meals where you have to peel back the cellophane, marmalade jars needing a firm grip, potatoes that need peeling, reading the ridiculously small print on ANYTHING. I could go on, but there is no doubt we are being persecuted because of our immense wealth, voting for Brexit, and our overall extreme selfishness and uncaring attitude about the future of our own children!
You couldn’t make this up, it reminds me of that old Aussie joke ….. “How do you tell when a plane full of millenials has just landed? You can still hear the whining even after the engines have been switched off!”

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  1. A real shocker this! I read it in the news. In B&M bargains you can get these iconic pies for £1. I have a few tins in the cupboard, I might keep them unopened and wait and see if they become valuable!

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