England’s Green and Pleasant Land?

We live in an area of Neolithic and Roman settlements, The Cotswolds Water Park. Not far from our house, 35 years ago a Neolithic burial chamber was unearthed and if we want to develop our property and it requires foundations, a county archaeologist must be present! We still find Roman coins and pottery around local fields and woods.




The River Thames runs through our village and is now a highway for pleasure craft rather than the barges of 300 years ago plying the wool and salt trade. We have a medieval church too!

It’s brilliant weather, record high temperatures for this time of the year, real barbecue weather. My morning walk took me behind our house after I’d watered the pot plants, through the nature reserve and across a wheat field. A full circuit of another field then back through the local cemetery where I met a few other villagers.






It’s an old tradition of we Brits talking about the weather, a habitual-cultural thing. But not today …. all that people wanted to talk about was Brexit and those buggers trying their darnedest to undermine or overturn it. 

“We need to start making demands of our own”, 

“Theresa May is a wet rag”, 

“The House of Lords needs abolishing”, 

“How dare these has-been politicians say I didn’t know what I was voting for”, 

“Trade and the Customs Union isn’t the only issue, reject the EU terms and move on”. 

“Did you hear that *#** who called us white supremacists cos we voted Leave”,

England’s Green and Pleasant Land …… I don’t think so!

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  1. Don’t tell me that you ever believed our politicians. The system is full of deceit. The Bank of England is still run by the Treasury and is forbidden to raise interest rates. Just an example of what we are up against!

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  2. So mesmerising ✨

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