Brexit needs Raymond Reddington!

Are you followers of The Blacklist? The fantastic TV series starring James Spader as an ex US Navy Commander, turned criminal, turned FBI collaborator in a series of takedowns of international criminals on his so called “Blacklist”. He is violent, but a literate, widely travelled, highly intelligent, and extremely philosophical man. Some of the clips from the series on You Tube are hilarious, especially the one where he confronts the corrupt head of the CIA and gets bored and frustrated with her justifications for all the things she has done before saying, “you talk too much” and …… just shooting her! Unfortunately I can’t find that clip on YouTube except in Russian!

Watching tonight’s episode I couldn’t help but think how useful he would be dealing with those twassocks from the EU with their blustering, bullying, lies and threats. “You talk to much Herr Juncker” …… bang! (Metaphorically speaking.) Or, “The suspense is killing me” ….. bang! If you haven’t seen this series, just do it …. here’s a clip with the brilliant James Spader as Raymond Reddington …… bang!

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  1. I have never seen this Brian, clearly I do not watch nearly enough TV!


    • Its a cultfollowing type of series, been watching for a couple of years now. Separate episodes for first series but then a theme develops as the relationship between the FBI psychological profiler and Reddington develops. It is really very very funny, Reddington is a real philosopher and it was one episode a couple of years back that attracted me to Budapest (he went into raptures about eating fertilised duck eggs!). Try episode one which is really dramatic and opens up the whole mystery as to why he surrenders himself to the FBI/CIA after somany years. You Tube maybe?

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