Thick as a brick! ….. dear Jeremy.

Anybody remember the old Jethro Tull hit, ”Thick as a Brick”?

I was reminded of it today during Prime Minister question time in the House of Commons:

”Will the Prime Minister confirm that the disgraceful actions against the Windrush immigrants took place under her watch as the U.K. Home Secretary”? (Jeremy Corbyn)

“And your wise men don’t know how it feels today, to be thick as a brick!”

”No Mr Speaker, it happened under a Labour Prime Minister in 2009”! (Theresa May)

You couldn’t make this up, a bloody joke as an opposition leader who should spend his time protecting the Windrush Immigrants in terms of what should be done to help them. Instead, he invests in scurrilous politicking, blame culture, and the blogosphere when it was his OWN party that began the problem in 2009. I have no time whatsoever for extreme left wingers who try every means underhand to undermine government. Corbyn was exposed recently for his failure to back his country over the Novichok poisoning, then yesterday over his clear anti Semitic behaviour. Now this. Still the Twatterati and Facecrook crew love him.

20 thoughts on “Thick as a brick! ….. dear Jeremy.

  1. When it comes to telling the truth I think there is more bending here than an English long bow.

    Given her poor political judgement to date I wouldn’t trust this woman to deliver campaign leaflets let alone be PM.

    I tell you what. Corbyn comes across as much more steady and reasoned, more statesmanlike, another great performance on Andrew Marr last weekend!

    May by comparison is a weak and withering buffoon!


    1. And before you reply…. remember my wife is an immigrant from the 1960s who kept all of her documents, applied for a passport and treasured it. The sympathy for us lies with the Windrush immigrants, not point scoring like that dickhead Corbyn who should be pressurising for their fairer treatment. He was caught with his pants down today.


      1. Not so Brian, not so at all. May is an incompetent liar. It matters not a jot about Windrush, of course these people are entitled to British citizenship, what sane person would deny that? The issue of immigration is not one that concerns me greatly (if at all to be honest) but rather the catastrophe of this present government. More sludge every time they stir the pot. Read the latest news bulletins to see the truth about the statement.

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        1. The BBC changed its headline after PMQs. My point if you read my final paragraph is about HM Opposition dealing with the issue of helping the Windrush people, not bloody points scoring incorrectly. If he had attacked the issue of helping them more I would have applauded. We live close to 100 Nepalese families who have kept their Nepali citizenship and passports so as to get no cost visas to go home, air fares at Nepali price etc etc. It will end in tears. Andrew, comment on the issue, not your opinion of someone else. If you wrote that our government isn’t doing enough to help the windrush people I would support you. But Corbyn in pmq today wasted an opportunity for decent screwing of a complacent government. Thick as a brick!


        2. Well, Corbyn isn’t so good at PMQs I agree but he is a lot more principled than the Government Front Bench. Windrush is an irrelevant media storm that will be resolved and blow over, It would have been resolved quietly if the media hadn’t chosen to make a big issue. I only wish it would blow the Tories away! As for my opinion, as I say it has nothing to do with immigration but rather the fiasco of current political business and I might have some thoughts on inappropriate press reporting as well!


        3. My post is about Windrush, as it’s close to home, and HM Opposition response to it. Corbyn and his Momentum thugs are engaged in death by a thousand pin pricks and are an irrelevance as an opposition. THAT is the problem.


        4. … and so we have to fundamentally disagree! I understand your personal issue re Windrush and do not seek to trivialise the issue. You got me on my soapbox about the Tories!


        5. Oh ignore this, it’s the bloody guardian, and note how they’ve crammed all sorts of anti government stuff in there about cancer treatment too! But she said the INITIAL decision was taken UNDER Labour which is probably correct though SHE implemented it.

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        6. Brilliant, enjoy your house wine in a cracked amphora! I wasn’t trying to wind you up, I just though it was a reasonable conclusion.


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