Well done Victor!

Good news from Hungary this morning where the Fidesz party of Victor Orbán has overwhelmingly won yesterday’s general election for a third consecutive term. A real smack in the eye for the EU and their forced immigration policy and for that globally evil influence that is George Soros. The images below were from some of Orbán’s speeches pre election; he will not engage in TV debates with rivals or give interviews to mainstream media …. just look at the turnout …. this was not a protest march, it was his supporters in Budapest trying to get outside the parliament building to listen to him.

His policies are straightforward …. no forced immigration quota from the EU, increased tax relief and housing assistance for families, Hungarians first for employment …..

I can’t remember seeing mass support like this for leaders in Britain or America!

20 thoughts on “Well done Victor!

  1. So tell me Brian, you confuse me, as a capitalist would you feely support freeloaders? Isn’t that why we are leaving the EU? This is why I voted Leave, unlike Victor I don’t care about migrant numbers, that is a Daily Express issue!


    1. What makes you think I am a Capitalist? I believe in mixed policies to run our economy, some services and utilities. Victor cares about much more than migrant numbers if you read a couple of bios written about him, I think he uses that though as his “spear” to do some really good things for families, taxation, employment and housing. I voted Leave because I care about this overarching word “sovereignty” which is our right as a sovereign nation to deal with decisions relating to our own borders, laws, trading arrangements, military, etc. I couldn’t care less about visa free travel, diversity, how many euros I get for my pound, having a Polish plumber or a Czech nanny! These are all very tiny things in the bigger scheme of things. Regarding freeloaders, this is another element of a misguided EU who also manipulate the free market towards German goods trade as opposed to British services trade. I don’t want an EU army or an EU finance minister either. And polls show that migrant numbers is MUCH bigger than a Daily Express issue.


        1. I think we should control our borders but not close them. Surely we are probably the most historically liberal and welcoming old world country (France might disagree) so should we close our doors right now.

          Oban talks about Muslims, well, I believe that in a few hundred years time this era will be seen as a continuation of the religious wars of the Crusades. A historian should always look to the future as well as the past!

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        2. Most historians I know are always trying to rewrite the past! Something I read last week in BBC History Magazine of someone slagging off Brunel for all his failures!


        3. If history teaches us anything then it is what has gone before will surely come around again! That is the real point of history which sadly we have generally failed to understand.


  2. He might be a critic of the EU but as Hungary is a net beneficiary when the budget is divvied up (fifth out of 27) I bet he doesn’t have the balls to leave!

    As a net contributor UK has the right to be critical but Victor might be well advised to be careful what he wishes for!

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    1. He’s got more balls than Cameron because he pushes back against them on EU policies which work against the national interests of his people. He has the guts to stand up to them and discovers …… the EU are like all bullies …. cowards!


      1. Well, that’s true. Cameron was hopeless and the EU were plain stupid but that is another story. My point really is based on economics. UK is leaving because the EU budget penalised us and we were required (as some others) to unfairly subsidise other member states. We don’t like that arrangement so we choose to leave and manage our own finances to our eventual benefit. Hungary relies on significant EU subsidies to finance its development and infrastructure. Gain equals Pain! I have a lot more sympathy with the Italian anti-EU complainers.


        1. I have no sympathy for the Italians, or for the French and the Dutch.
          Orbán has actually got the EU by the balls and doesn’t need to leave the EU. They have tried to censure and sanction him for refusing to take migrant quotas but that needs a unanimous vote from the 27. Not going to happen with Poland, Austria, Czech Republic vetoing it. If they try to throw him out ….. implosion. He’s much too clever for them.


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