Well done Jeremy Corbyn!

I don’t usually post at weekends and ….. I know I know …… you wouldn’t expect me to write something in praise of Dear Jeremy. But his decisive action in removing Owen Smith from his shadow cabinet of senior politicians because he supported calls for a second referendum on Brexit is worthy of “some” praise. Hypocritical Jeremy, because Smith didn’t fit the increasing left wing commie loving hard liners underwritten by Momentum? Certainly not ….. but only if he now heavily censures his Backbencher Chukka Umunna. Here’s why:

“Early every Wednesday morning, 15 people leave their homes and travel separately to a secret location in central London, where, over cups of Indian-style filter coffee and plates of cookies, they plot to stop Brexit. Those who gather, bleary-eyed, in the meeting room are a mix of women and men, old and young. They include politicians and activists, both professional and little-known, though their identities haven’t been formally released. The one thing that unites them is opposition to Theresa May’s plan for Britain to make a clean break from the European Union.”

Guess who chairs this secretive clandestine group?

“Their aim: engineer a new referendum so the British people can reconsider Brexit before it’s too late. “I do not want to see Brexit happen. I think it will destroy the futures of the next generation in this country,” says Chuka Umunna, the charismatic, 39-year-old member of Parliament who chairs the weekly gathering. “But it‘s not about what I think—and shouting ‘Stop Brexit’ is not a political strategy. I want the people to get a vote.”

Both of these quotes are taken from the Bloomberg article, Inside The Secret Plot to Reverse Brexit, an article as sinister as anything you could possibly read about elected politicians who are supposed to support and defend the national interest. The fact that there are people like this in positions of political power, people who campaign for something different (which is ok) but then act in a way that weakens the country’s position and standing, truly staggers me. But I will still vote Labour at the next election, because just like the pyrophitic plants that need a fire to regenerate, Corbyn supporters need a taste of fire to understand!

29 thoughts on “Well done Jeremy Corbyn!

  1. A slightly skewed view if I may say. There are plenty in the Tory party who would support Umunna. What is your view on Anna Soubrey? Here is some one who would gladly bring down the Government in defiance of the will of the people expressed through the referendum. We need to keep a balanced view on these issues.

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    1. Andrew, why don’t you write about Soubrey, do you agree with my praise of Corbyn or not? The classic left wing responses to anyone who dares to criticise is to harp on about Thatcher or Blair or Rhodes or whoever. This is the “here and now” and when Soubrey chairs a secret society or group I will lambast her to hell, along with a few others in the Conservative party. So, my view is far from skewed about Corbyn or Umunna.


      1. Soubrey is poison, a truly dreadful person, shocking that she is an elected representative of the people.

        Yes, I agree with you about Corbyn but then again he doesn’t trouble me as much as he does you. I think he has a useful place in UK politics right now although (even though I am a supporter of the Labour movement) I hope he never gets the keys to Downing Street. Like Kinnock, he will always be better in extreme opposition than in centrist Government.


        1. There now, that wasn’t difficult was it? You need to cancel your membership of the “What about Brigade”, it does a man of your intelligence and convictions no justice at all. Regarding Soubrey, if Theresa May sacked Hammond I would applaud it but then criticise her if she didn’t censure Soubrey to follow up. Unlike you though, I actually DO hope he becomes PM.


        2. I simply believe that we need strong, sometimes extreme opposition to keep a sensible equilibrium in Government.

          As you can probably tell I quite like Corbyn but I especially like John McDonnell, now there is a complete twat if ever there was one. Rather entertaining though I have to say.

          While the Labour Party had McDonnell there is more to fear from capitalist bankers than Marxist politicians!


        3. He won’t, he will never have to, he will never be in Government. If there is ever another Labour Government it will be centrist not extreme. What have we got to fear except that it might be Chuka Umunna of course!


        4. 😂😂 He got close in the last election because of potential coalitions. But it’s distinctly possible because of social media, youth voting, London voting in particular


        5. The academic side of my brain though STILL want to know how he would fund nationalisation, he must either declare a financial strategy or a military one to seize ownership. Enter the next civil war!


        6. To what level and on whom? What’s his calculation to pay for all the utility companies, banks, railways to name a few? Give me his calculations


        7. Brian, you are missing the point. Nationalised industries will be so much more efficient and will make healthy surpluses that will go straight back to Whitehall rather than to shareholders pockets. It doesn’t matter how much we borrow to fund the nationalisation programme because it will pay for itself.

          “I stuffed their mouths with gold.” Nye Bevan!


        8. No, other points are missed. Running such industries post nationalisation costs far less than the cost of purchase in theory anyway. But we all know that McDonnel won’t pay …. he will attempt to seize them and fire the first salvo in civil war. He just won’t admit it. I worked in nationalised industries for 15 years, run efficiently…. don’t make me laugh. So, come on, how will he acquire these industries. Specifically?


        9. Well that includes bankrupting me because I have invested my savings in some of these companies. Your illogical thinking along with McDonnel is exposed.


        10. So, come on, how will he acquire these industries. Specifically?

          Well, with the railways, he can just wait until franchises expire. Or franchisees bail. Which ever comes first.

          The rest? A little more tricky.

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        11. Little? Even the non business running folks out there can differentiate between purchase cost and running cost. But equally there is no evidence whatsoever historically in Britain that nationalised industries are more efficient. There are so many contributing factors that McDonnel refuses to answer. This is an economics issue that McDonnel makes a political and ideological stance on. I am more than willing to support nationalisation if I am convinced by facts rather than opinionated rhetoric.


        12. Something worth adding: it’s very rare in this era you can discuss, debate, and ….. clearly take the piss out of each other without name calling. You disturbed my book reading no end this afternoon but “I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. 👍

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