Magna Carta and Russian nerve …… agents!

The whole world now sees the despicable and dangerous regime run by Putin and the lengths to which they will go to kill any of their own nationals who criticises the Putin regime. The use of the Novichok poison in Salisbury has not only left two Russians in intensive care, as well as a British policeman, but has also resulted in 138 British citizens being monitored having been in close proximity to the discovery at the time.


The irony of it?

It is with a sense of great irony that this took place in Salisbury, an ancient city in Wiltshire we often visit, and only a few miles away from Stonehenge one of the worlds most iconic monuments from prehistoric times. The unnoticed irony is that Salisbury Cathedral houses the Magna Carta, the ancient document underpinning the unwritten constitution of this country, the inspiration for American independence and their constitution! 

It is also a beacon of democracy and freedom from a time when a despotic ruler was challenged on his autocratic, suppressive, vicious rule. 

Funny coincidence that isn’t it?


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  1. I will let you decide but I will make one comment great care is needed before we paint our own nation or indeed any nation as white as snow.


  2. Are not embassies places which house spying agents as well as innocent workers? How do we know just what goes on under the iceberg ? Could it be we are not as pure as driven snow but engaged in all sorts of nefarious activities. I wonder what the life style of Mr Skripal was like when he was a double agent and how do we know he is still not a double agent ?
    Is not strange that before this incident all the rich Russian oligarchs carried on their business with out any problem? but now they are suddenly breaking the law?I’m far from a fan of Mr Putin because I know he is out to hold the reins at all costs , but make no mistake where money is concerned morals always go out the window.


  3. I like your article, you put things together well, it is a good read so I am going to reblog this for you.

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  4. A bit harsh on poor King John. There is a view that it is exactly because he wasn’t a tyrant or a despot that it allowed the opportunity for the Barons to succeed in challenging him. A true despot would have made sure it didn’t happen. One like Putin and his rigged elections for example!

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    • You’re right, but then it wouldn’t have resonated as much with what I wanted to say! But there again, I think Richard III got a bad press too ….. discuss?


      • Easy answer, I am from Leicester where generally we take an alternative view to that of the great Bard of Stratford.

        Interestingly in the BBC poll of 100 greatest Britons in 2002, Richard III came 82nd but Henry Tudor didn’t make the list. Mind you, I personally question the validity of the final results when Princess Diana of Wales came 3rd ahead of Shakespeare, Newton and Nelson!

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        • I went to an RSC production of Richard III at Stratford about 25 years ago. I like Shakespeare when it’s done in period costume (Henry V at the Globe was stunning). Anyway, Richard wore black shirt, black leather trousers, had a moustache and short comb over hair. His servants and rooms were adorned with an icon that was a cross between a swastika reversed and a lightening flash! I think you get it how he was portrayed, I was bloody fuming!


        • I lived In Stratford-upon-Avon for a while in the 1980s and used to go to the theatre regularly but never when it was not a performance in period costume. I really don’t like the modern interpretations.

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        • Have you been to The Globe in London? A great experience if you go to something “Military” like Henry V for example.


        • Only as a sightseer, never to a performance!


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