How easy to predict the future!

A Life in the Year of Jeremy Corbyn

Politics in the U.K. has become a real mess due to a complex mixture of factors including the Brexit Referendum, the rise of political correctness, gender politics, weaponisation of social media, welfare and health services over stretched, extreme polarisation of parties and demography. Personality politics is rampant with accusations occurring against all and sundry based on supposed incidents of misogyny, bullying, racism, hate speech, Islamaphobia, and more. Ministers have lost their jobs in several high profile cases. Yet the leader of the U.K. parliament opposition party (Labour), has so far sailed sublimely through accusations and evidence of:

  • Fraternising with IRA terrorists
  • Calling the terrorist organisation Hamas, his friends
  • Engaging in anti Semitic behaviour
  • Turning a blind eye to his party’s thuggery movement, Momentum
  • Negotiating a separate Brexit deal with the EU
  • Working with Soviet spies and providing them with information during the Cold War via the Czech embassy

You couldn’t make this up if you tried!

So if you find all of these things incredible, that the possible next prime minister of the U.K. might be an extreme left wing communist, here’s a few predictions of dear Jeremy’s year to come so that you weren’t warned:

  1. April, visits Moscow to brief President Putin of how to undermine U.K. sanctions following the nerve gas attack in Salisbury. Denies any involvement.
  2. May, visits North Korea, but denies it!
  3. June, promotes Diane Abbott to the House of Lords in the Queens Birthday Honours but says she was nominated by the Labour Party membership, not by him!
  4. July-September, takes a walking holiday around Palestine taking in a trek through the tunnels under the Egyptian border and Jerusalem. Asserts that he was in Portugal really.
  5. October, sets out the Labour Party Manifesto which promises to:
    a. Unilaterally overturn the Brexit referendum
    b. Nationalise railways, banks, energy supply companies, water companies, farming, bus companies, Jamie Oliver, Manchester United, the Queen …..
    c. Award the right to vote to 16 year olds and remove it from those over 65
    d. Remove Britain’s nuclear weapons system and become a non aligned nation
  6. December, presides over the worst election result in history for a major U.K. party with only 13% of the vote. Says he had nothing to do with creating the manifesto and vows to fight on to make Britain a socialist country.

Here’s what we were saved from by destroying Corbyn and his thugs

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  1. As with Andrew I red it and disagree. Its like a Daily Mail hatchet job. I am neither left or right wing as neither appeals and all politicians are basically self serving. However links to Corbyn spying have been dismissed as a joke. Repeating lies fed to you by the media just makes you look as if you have no mind of your own. Momentum has its extremists in the same way as the fascist right wing has there’s. Boris’s best friend was once quoted as saying he is a nice bloke but I wouldn’t leave him alone in a room with my wife or my wallet. May is a robot repeating the term strong and stable while being weak and continually u turning. One man’s terrorist is another freedom fighter. Thatcher was friends with Pinochet the Chile dictator May is aligning to Trump the White supremacist. No politicians cover themselves in glory. We need a new system with better options. I respect your views but they are right wing daily mail inspired and lack balance or objectivity. Research for yourself, find out real facts and keep an open mind and open eyes. Britain is in a mess and becoming xenophobic and hateful. We need to change this.


    • Thank you for your comment on our blog, we appreciate it. We have recently posted about those who follow but don’t engage with our posts, often only pressing “like”! I agree entirely with your words about Mrs May being a “robot”, I haven’t posted about her specifically but I HAVE written to the Conservative Party HQ Chairperson in our constituency about her disastrous premiership last December . No reply! I try very hard to be current (rather than making historical comparisons) and critical where it’s necessary with no tribal leftism or rightism driving my views. A spade is a spade!
      Moving forward, I see that dear JC was up to his antics in parliament on Monday during the briefing about the nerve agent use, which drew extensive blasts from his own side of the House. Despite this, I WILL vote Labour at the next general election.

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      • It’s always great to share views and opinions and as long as there is respect present it can be quite fruitful. The whole political system is a mess along with many participating in it. Also yes, many do just click ‘like’ without reading which can be a frustration. Have a great day.

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        • Firstly thanks for following my blog, always good to get a commenter. Sharing of views and discussing things is sadly lacking and the abuse at times is overwhelming. It’s the reason I shut down Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Even writing as a psychologist analysing pre referendum behaviour I was subject to abuse. Often wild assumptions are made, the usual racist/misogynistic/fascist/homophobe jibes made towards me, someone married to an Asian for 47 years, large Asian family in Nepal, running an education charity in Nepal focusing on girls education. I never voted for Thatcher, Blair, Brown or Major, but I have at various times voted Liberal, LibDem, and even ….. SNP!!! We were students at the time is my excuse for the latter vote. Attacking Corbyn, or anyone else for that matter, is based on my beliefs about a particular person at a particular time. Whether Thatcher was evil incarnate or Blair a war criminal is not relevant to my ranting about left wing totalitarian groups or ….. individuals. Anyway, that’s more than I usually give away😂😂

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        • Well Corbyn certainly comes with issues, as with Blair, so much he did I benefited from but he was the most Tory Labour leader ever and yes probably guilty of war crimes. Corbyn has his issues as they all have but he maybe the better of a bad bunch but maybe Labour will replace him if someone better becomes apparent. Though he seems to have a hold on the leadership. Some of momentum’s stuff concerns me too too far left, but we have had too much right wing corporate government interests being catered for lately. So a change I think is necessary. Lib Dems have imploded and UKIP are a joke. There is no one I see even on the horizon capable of being a decent Prime Minister of the UK. We need to stop Fracking, Stop The NHS sell off, because these areas are only for the benefit of business. Privitising things for the sake of it doesn’t work as been proven on the trains and areas of NHS already sold off and as shown through prisons with G4. Fracking is flawed and offers nothing to Britain’s energy industry. It’s all just about lining corporate pockets. So maybe a period of left wing government will be beneficial even if it is under Corbyn, though I wish the other Milliband brother would jump in and take over.

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  2. I read it but I don’t agree with it.

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