36. Speaking my Language

Exactly a week ago our flight home from Malaga was diverted from Birmingham to Manchester then the next day after an overnight stay in Manchester, a train journey down to Birmingham. This funny post from Norma reminds me of some of the conversations that took place around us on plane and train and makes me wish I’d written them down. Must start doing it, so …. you’ve been warned! Hope you enjoy Norma’s post.

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Sometimes, there isn’t a quiet carriage on the train, so I have the pleasure and privilege of listening in on various one-sided phone conversations, whether I want to or not. There is the added joy of the tinny ch ch ch of crappy headphones. They never seem to be listeing to music I like either. Its always that urban stuff with the weird effect on the vocals.

These are a few of the delightful moments I have enjoyed over the last few months.

“No I wasn’t sacked. My contact wasn’t renewed. It’s very common in this industry. No, not all of them were. Just me”

“I’m well jel hun. No holibobs this year. Staycation. Netflix and chillaxing at home. Juice fast.”

“Ping me bro. Yeah, innit. Well, what it is, I was just arks-king, man. Yeah, well fit, innit. Cheeky Nandos.”

“My son, Jack’s off to the women’s snowboarding.” I…

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  1. So…this is a reblog post? Just trying to understand the process! 😉 I enjoy listening and people watching when I’m on a train. I don’t travel via train often, so I probably look like an awestruck child visiting the zoo for the first time. Happy Travels to you!

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  2. One time a friend and I were chatting on the bus, mostly about how our husbands just didn’t get it that we would like flowers from time to time, not for any occasion just as a nice little surprise. I guess we were speaking louder than we thought because the fellow in the seat ahead of us turned around and said, “Well, if you would just tell us what you want, instead of complaining to each other!” Oops!

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  3. Those overheard conversations are mostly irritating but can sometimes be amusing.

    I remember one time a woman having a loud conversation where she was setting out a bunch of changes at work and the implications for staff. She spoke for ten minutes or so to whoever was on the other end of the call and the entire carriage and then suddenly said ‘please don’t say anything it is all very confidential’.

    My favourite was a man talking to his young child…

    “Daddy’s nearly home”
    “Shall Daddy get a pizza?”
    “Daddy will stop for a pizza shall he?”
    “Do you want a pizza?”
    “Shall Daddy get a pizza?”
    “Daddy will stop for a pizza shall he?”
    “OK Daddy will get a pizza?”
    “What sort of pizza shall Daddy get?”
    “Do you want a pizza?”
    “What sort of pizza shall Daddy get?”
    “Shall Daddy get a pepperoni pizza?”
    “Or shall Daddy get a ham and Mushroom pizza?”
    “Are you sure you like pepperoni pizza?”
    “Or shall Daddy get a ham and Mushroom pizza?”
    “Daddy can get a ham and pineapple pizza”
    “Are you sure you like pepperoni pizza?”
    “What sort of pizza shall Daddy get for Mummy?”

    And so it went on until someone’s patience finally snapped and he called out “For fucks sake just get a pepperoni and shut up!” to which he got a round of applause.

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