As sick as a German parrot!

….. and a French one!

Let me begin with my usual disclaimer: I fully respect the right and views of everyone in the U.K. who voted to remain in the EU in the 2016 Referendum. That vote resulted in a Leave majority and was at the very least a display of anger at the failure of the previous prime minister, David Cameron, to get the Brussels mafia to agree to any meaningful reforms.

It was also however a vote by many related to having control over borders and laws ourselves.

Since that time, Netherlands, France and Germany have had the chance to vote for Populist parties to achieve the same end, but have failed to do so. However, the nasty rhetoric and tactics of the Brussels Bureaucrats, manipulated by Germany’s Merkel and France’s Macron, in dealing with the UKs withdrawal will have shown all but the most rabid Remainers what a very nasty group of people we were associated with and ruled by. Even Tony BLiar’s own organisation must have shit themselves last week when their own survey showed a 70:30 split in favour of leaving the EU with no deal at all!

And now ….. we have the result of the Italian general election showing a complete victory for the parties who are Eurosceptic and/or anti immigration and anti open borders. Along with Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Austria inside the EU, plus Britain outside it, there is now an increasing number of countries who will NOT accept the dictats of the Brussels Bureaucrats. The new Italian Government will take a hard line on open borders and immigration at the very least with one party promising to deport ALL illegal immigrants and another promising to repatriate 500,000 immigrants too. There is also a pledge to come out of the €Eurozone plus the potential for a referendum on leaving the EU altogether.



For those in Germany, France and the Netherlands who voted for EU-supporting governments, the “sick as a parrot” metaphor must be most apt. For those in the UK who are STILL agitating to overturn the referendum, Blair, Clegg, Heseltine, Adonis, Farron, Cable, Soubrey, Major, Corbyn, what sort of an organisation or union do you think the EU will be in, say, 5 years time? The British people made the first crack in the dam, the Italian people have just widened it, the water is now pouring out and it won’t be long before the lake has gone. So why would I want a trade deal, a customs union, and an EU controlled border with Northern Ireland with an organisation that very soon won’t even exist? And why would I still accept their attempts to tell us what we can and cannot do after we Leave?

Will no one rid me of this meddlesome bureaucrat?

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  1. Getting rid of the EU will be just as difficult as getting rid of the House of Lords. Too much vested interest to overcome. I predict that it will still be there in 5 years, still there in 10 years and beyond…

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    • I don’t think it’s about getting rid of it, I think it’s days as a political entity are numbered including a central finance minister, a European army, an ECJ making rulings on non trade issues, interference in sensitive constitutional issues specific to any country. Oh that was the Common Market wasn’t it? It’s their Kalergi influenced vision of a superstate that will collapse.


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