Art or Vandalism?

I must admit I am a big fan of street art, as long as it’s not just scrawled names or slogans, and isn’t on properties where occupiers would object. Nowadays however in many cities, old or derelict areas are being designated as areas where such art can legitimately be created.
In a few days we are spending some time in Malaga where their Soho district is one such designated area and we are looking forward to seeing it as well as visiting their museum of contemporary art. What do YOU think ….. Art or Vandalism?


Wherever we go on city trips there is always some street art to see, usually on a very large scale, sometimes with a “message” in the painting and here’s a few examples from some our trips to Chicago, Kathmandu and most recently to Barcelona.








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3 replies

  1. I’m definitely on the art side of the argument, as long as it’s well done. I love that Kathmandu example!

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  2. Art – mostly because my daughter lived in Chicago and went to SAIC. I love the examples you shared. Nice post! Enjoy your trip.

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  3. Vandalism unless commissioned and permitted. As soon as you encourage people to scrawl on public walls then it quickly spirals out of control.

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