It’s not about the economy ….. Stupid!

I outline below a considered report, based on high level analysis, of the undoubted economic position of the UK by the year 2030. The report was compiled using well proven speculation techniques recently used by the U.K. Labour Party, Tony Blair, The House of Lards, Lard Mandelson, Lard Heseltine, The Bonk of England, and massaged by the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation. The report was compiled by The Faeries, c/o Garden Bottom, Not Brussels.

In summary, the key points are as follows: 

  1. The first two years post Brexit will see structural problems across the entire economy relating generally to the uncertainty across the EU caused by the withdrawal referendums of Italy, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Denmark. 
  2. The structural problems will occur because of the EU imposed regulatory and contractual frameworks collapsing and the negative impact of this on the private sector.
  3. During this period however the £ will make significant gains against the € which will stabilise by 2025 as a number of countries withdraw from the Eurozone.
  4. By 2030, but not linearly across the period, unemployment will fall to zero.
  5. The annual growth rate of the U.K. will steadily rise from 1.8% in 2018, to 2.2% by 2021 and stabilise around 4.2% by 2030. 
  6. Growth markets will be accessed via trading partnerships with China, the old Commonwealth countries, the US, and the new rising economies of North and East Europe. 
  7. Food prices will fall as the new UKAP enabling powers and grants are enacted.
  8. The reduction in VAT to 10% will impact strongly on household budgets
  9. Wages will rise ahead of inflation across the whole period as Free Trade deals rise and unskilled immigration falls.

 Further balanced reports will be published focusing on Crime Reduction, Healthcare Improvement, Housing Growth.

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  1. Yes, I imagine they will spin it into a smear campaign regardless. And if weren’t for the internet, it would work 100%. But the cat is out of the bag, and the information superhighway is unable to close.

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    • Yes Ron, he is bankrolling a new organisation to overturn the democratic vote, strange so far because I believe that foreign agencies are not allowed to make such donations. We have a weak prime minister who will be overthrown by March and probably replaced by Jacob Rees Mogg, speaks posh, speaks Latin, devout catholic and a real lion. Watch a few YouTube clips of him, he’s very very polite, but he has bite, is a patriot and never backs down.

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      • Interesting, because the left-wing US media has not really mentioned Mogg. I expect that if he wins, we Americans will hear that Britain has been overtaken by a totalitarian despot.

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        • Not quite! You will hear that Britain has been taken over by a posh public schoolboy who is mega rich. But he is very funny to listen to as he utterly dismantles media people, opposition, lefties etc. He is extremely factual and a big pal of Nigel Farage. The media and our PM are scared stiff of him but 80% now back him for PM.


  2. Good post, Dr. B. I am not surprised that a Brexit economy would do just fine.

    That being said, it’s interesting to note that “cultural identity,” for lack of a better word, was a driving force for the changes in Britain and then the US. In short, London started to look like Pakistan…Minnesota like Somalia. And it was a valid point (albeit one that the lamestream media missed). The majority of countries deserve to have a cultural/national identity – say 80% perhaps? I fear that if we lose sight of this, then we will be sidetracked back into the gloabalist agenda of a “one-world sh*thole”.

    On a related note, there is a great meme floating around. An American man is on a bus, holding a copy of the Constitution, and stating “Muh Constitution!!!” Meanwhile, the bus is filled with low-brow Somali refugees. You get the point. Idealistic notions die in the face of demographic realities.


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