My capital city is a shithole!

The volcanic internet, social media, Mainstream Media and ambassadorial outpourings over the use of the word “shithole” must have the Liberal-leftard Cultural Marxists drooling over their yoghurt and seed breakfasts this morning. Did the US President actually use the word “shithole” inside the sanctity of The Oval Office? Who knows, but the Democrats who were present have asserted he did so it must be absolute gospel. Anyway, let’s not worry too much about the “oh yes he did ….. oh no he didn’t” attacks so boringly predictable from the media, and their sheep.
Here’s a common definition of the word “shithole”: “an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place”. I’m sure we all know places like this, but declaring them as such doesn’t make one a racist, fascist, bigoted …. whatever. Here’s two examples:

London a shithole?

Dr B: “London is a shithole and increasingly so: knife crime up, acid attacks up, attacks on women up, general crime up, gun crime up and ….. no-go areas spreading where the police won’t go or are attacked when they enter. Personally we will never visit the city again, an unsafe shithole.”


Kathmandu a shithole?

Dr C: “Kathmandu is a shithole with the ordinary people being treated like dirt. No proper sanitation, garbage piled in the streets, unclean water, polluted air, roads blocked by traffic out of control. Add to this a male dominated society, rampant abuse of women who often have inferior citizenship rights, an education system which is falling apart, an evil caste system and the main cause ….. systemic corruption at all levels of government and society. Personally we will never visit Nepal again, an unhealthy shithole.”
Now, before anyone begins their intolerant abuse of us, try looking up a few facts about both capital cities such as soaring crime rates in London and the extreme poverty of ordinary Nepalese. Then remember this ….. Dr B is English, Dr C is of Nepali origin with many family in Kathmandu, so, racist rants? I don’t think so, just describing an extremely dirty, shabby, or otherwise unpleasant place.

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  1. I don’t think the use of the word ‘shithole’ is racist but it isn’t very nice!

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