UK Parliament taking micro decisions!

It has become very obvious that members of parliament in the U.K. are attempting to change laws and national policy at a micro level which are part of a much wider national strategy, but where their opinions or voting is in their party or personal interest rather than the national or constituents interest.

A recent example is of a group attempting to remove foreign students from immigration figures which makes absolutely no sense. Students from overseas still require housing and other benefits including healthcare the same as any other medium to long term visitor so need to be included as a recipient of such services.

Another example is of a group led by the Scottish National Party attempting to amend the Brexit strategy for the U.K. to remain in the single market and/or customs union which is a dead duck because the EU rule is that this must be accompanied by open borders. Not going to happen, time wasting, when we should be united and focused in telling the EU that we wish to negotiate a deal of benefit to us both, but that if they don’t want to then we begin detailed preparation to trade via WTO rules.

A third example is of those Members of Parliament who support the EU bullying us into accepting European Courts and laws jurisdiction over EU citizens living in the UK, and more generally having COMPLETE jurisdiction over us for around 5 years! Also not going to happen, sovereignty is paramount or we are a vassal state.


This micro management is something I have not seen before, it’s like parliament calling military tactics once the country has decided to go to war, can you imagine Churchill putting up with this in 1940? To be fair I can’t even imagine MPs from ANY party acting like this in those days, they had a backbone and a much higher level of integrity and patriotism. In my opinion this is a coordinated assault on our country, culture, way of life by cultural marxist orientated people with a globalist agenda. They have a voice and an influence that goes beyond their numbers, status or their rights. Their objective is clear; to maximise confusion and bring down the government. We need a Prime Minister who is a lion with a roar who is willing to call a general election on a manifesto that “calls out” Sturgeon, Blair, Hezeltine, Clegg and Cable, at the same time telling the EU that the UK leaves the union in 2019 either without a deal or with one that meets OUR criteria as well as theirs.

Abolish the House of Lords – Register now!



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