The ultimate demise of British culture?

The award of a knighthood to failed Liberal Democrat politician Nick Clegg is a clear sign of the demise of British culture and another slap in the face for the British people.

The New Years Honours awards are made by the reigning monarch on the recommendation of a government committee, which in the modern era began in 1890, but appears to go back as far as the 10th Century with King Aethelstan being knighted by his grandfather, Alfred the Great. Such awards are meant to be in recognition of great achievement or of service to the country and by this definition people have been scratching their heads for a while over the knighthoods resulting in Sir Bob Geldof and Sir Cliff Richard to name but two. Compare this with the SAME honour awarded to Winston Churchill or Douglas Bader!

And now for the 2018 honours we have knighthoods for Ringo Starr, Barry Gibb, Darcy Bussel and the failed politician, Nick Clegg, who is actively engaged in overturning the result of a democratically held referendum. The sword used to knight him would have been wielded differently by Oliver Cromwell I think!

The New Years Honours, alongside the political neutrality of the British monarchy are binding and enduring elements of our British culture, institutions which make up the nature of our country. But recent events such as Clegg’s knighthood AND especially the overt political behaviour of Prince Harry in his sycophantic televised interview of Barack Obama and the liklehood of his being invited to Harry’s wedding whilst President Trump is snubbed signal the utter contempt in which British citizens are now held by liberal left wing elites. The current unfettered bias of the BBC so long a bastion of independent reporting, the rampant delay tactics used by the House of Lords, the unchecked no-go areas in some our major cities, London’s elevation to be the acid attacks capital of the world, and a London Mayor who sees himself as a national political spokesman instead of being merely responsible for London housing, transport, environment, waste management AND crime/policing all signify an erosion of our culture ……. our way of life.

The sooner we have a general election and choose a lion who speaks for Britain and our culture, just as Victor Orban speaks for Hungary, the better!



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