British Prime Minister attacks multiculturalism

The British Prime Minister has launched a scathing attack on multiculturalism, warning that it is fostering extremist ideology and directly contributing to home grown terrorism.

Signalling a radical departure from the strategies of previous governments, the prime minister said that Britain must adopt a policy of “muscular liberalism” to enforce the values of equality, law and freedom of speech across all parts of society.

Muslim groups especially were warned that if they fail to endorse women’s rights or promote integration, they will lose all government funding. All immigrants to Britain must speak English and schools will be expected to teach the country’s common culture.

The new policy was outlined in a speech to an international security conference in Munich and will form the basis of the Government’s new anti-terrorism strategy to be published later this year.

To summarise key mandates:

  1. Women’s right MUST be endorsed
  2. Integration MUST be promoted
  3. ALL immigrants MUST speak English
  4. ALL schools must teach the UKs common culture
  5. The values of equality, law, freedom of speech must be reinforced across the UK

The prime minister also said “We have even tolerated segregated communities behaving in ways that run counter to our values.”

Now, there are many other indicators of a breakdown in British culture, especially in London with its “no go areas” that are rampant with knife crime, acid attacks, both spiralling out of control with little or no robust action from Sadiq Khan, the Mayor. We also have the rise of a “no platform” culture in British universities where extreme left wing student groups bully university authorities into preventing speakers and debates on topics they find offensive or disagree with such as Pro Life.

Here is the full report on the Prime Ministers speech, but you will be shocked to learn that this speech was made by David Cameron (My war on multiculturalism) SEVEN years ago, not by the current prime minister!

Whatever happened to promoting and enforcing it? 


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