Brexit vote NOT driven by racism! Here’s the evidence.

How many of us have been called racist bigots, fascist, homophobic misogynists since the Brexit referendum over a year ago? This shrill ranting of the cultural marxist snowflakes is repeatedly used to drown any debate or reasoned argument as to why control over our borders and migration is good for the long term benefit of Britain. Indeed, even raising the topic of migration will get you attacked and abused before you finish a sentence.
But now, an independent survey and poll shows the main factors contributing to people’s concern about migration, and the list does NOT include race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, wealth or age. What a shock!
The main factors are criminal record, having a job offer, having a specific skill to offer, not being benefits claimants, a low number of dependents. More shock and horror!

So, British people who voted Leave were VERY concerned that immigrants entering Britain would not be criminals, had an offer of a specific job to come to, had specific skills the country was short of, were not entering to claim benefits and did not have an unreasonable number of dependents entering with them.
The cultural marxists need challenging strongly on this, we must not fear to say “yes, immigration is a concern to us, for the following reasons …… and here’s the evidence.”
I suppose it’s too much to hope that any mainstream media source will publicise this report?

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