Budapest, buddha-bar hotel, probably the best hotel in ….

The shower in one of our rooms was hardly functioning and in the other room created a puddle so deep it was impossible to walk back into the bathroom! Our immediate complaint was met with embarrassment by the Hotel management, a quick investigation of possible cause, then an immediate upgrade to TWO Suites! Remember this was a peak time but the response from Nikoletta, the manager, was fantastic. 

Buddha-Bar Lounge

Across the next five days the courtesy, professionalism and friendliness of the staff towards us was quite exceptional and we have total praise for all of them, concierge, reception staff, restaurant staff, bar staff, and management. This is our second stay at this hotel ….. and we will be back; there is something about Budapest and it’s people that puts our own capital, London, to shame. There is a national pride here you can feel, clean streets, no beggars, and Hungarian nationals working in most jobs in hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, taxis. Maybe Mr Orbán has instilled this pride, a lion who roars FOR Hungary just as Winston Churchill roared for Britain. A pity our own Prime Minister has a squeak rather than a roar and London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan is more a snake than a lion!

Outstanding Reception staff

Suite sitting room

The restaurant

Classic bedroom

My champagne daughter



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