Budapest, a Christmas morning walk.

Every place we visit for Christmas Day has its own culture and approach, Budapest is fully “open” with bustling people around shops and restaurants, plenty of traffic with cars, buses and trams. After a very light breakfast we decided on a walk along the Danube to build up an appetite for the all-you-can-eat Asian Fusion brunch! More of this later.

We walked a few metres from our hotel to the Elizabeth Bridge, turned left and walked towards Petofi Bridge. Then we turned round and walked back and along the river again to Chain Bridge enjoying the sunshine and plotting a possible European river cruise ….. The Black Sea, Rhine-Danube, Southern France …….. who knows. Here’s a few of the sights:

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  1. Thank you for sharing with me! It is quite enjoyable to see places that you have traveled from the perspectives of others! I spy the bath that I visited in the second picture down 😀

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  2. Actually not a bad idea, a family with 4 children came to our village, the 10 year old oldest sister was called Elisabeth Szabo, a common name here I believe. A different family had a young boy and girl who to this day still live there running a high class fashion clothing shop!


  3. Have you seen the shoes by the Danube memorial?
    Looks like the weather has improved!

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  4. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas morning.

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