UK housing shortage exposed!

During my university days I was taught that “the facts do NOT speak for themselves”, they need sifting, sorting, analysing, understanding, interpreting, and that there will always be cultural, political, philosophical biases. Correlation does not mean causality either, but the way Mainstream Media often report on the facts you would think they are the sole arbiters of truth especially with the Cultural Marxist inhabitants of the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent.

Today I found a report (which I have summarised on a separate blog) exposing the rationale behind the housing shortage in Britain which for many will be an uncomfortable truth. In the case of this Migration Watch analysis of a correlation between housing shortages and immigration I challenge everyone to find me ANY media report on it, or even an acknowledgement of the problem from Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London! Click either of the two links to get the facts.

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