Sajid Javid …… an odious excuse for a UK politician!

Dear Mr Javid,
What an odious excuse for a British politician you are!
Your proclaiming that people of my generation are to blame for the housing shortage in the UK is not only patently false, it is tantamount to a hate crime that you and your left wing liberal fascist colleagues use to persecute anyone who speaks out against immigration, or pro tradition and patriotism. In fact somebody somewhere will probably brand my response to you in a similar way!
Just like your ilk blame Brexit on the “uneducated older generation”, another ill informed snipe at some of us who are probably more educated than yourself (double BSc, MSc, PhD) you are diverting attention away from the REAL reason there is a housing shortage. Certainly it isn’t because of me and my wife who grew up in relative poverty, didn’t have a foreign holiday until we were almost 40 years old, saved hard, never went into debt of any kind except with our mortgage, financed the education of both our children, ran two charities that funded some cancer research plus the education of 2000 teachers in Nepal, AND who constantly agitate for affordable housing to be built in our village only for it to be blocked by our local council.
I read a report recently showing that every new home occupied in London at present is NOT occupied by a British family, and that should give you and that other garbage colleague of yours, Mr Khan the London Mayor, cause for some real reflection. If you have any brain cells between you capable of such a cognitive process.
Many reading this will think I have taken your announcement very personally. Too bloody right I have, because for an elite politician who is almost certainly less educated, less intelligent, and less in touch than ourselves to be an elected politician of our country beggars belief. And to repeat myself, what an odious excuse for a British politician you are and the sooner you are turfed out of Westminster the better it will be for the UK.

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  1. A sense that this has irritated you somewhat?


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