Ignored news is worse than fake news!

Britain ahead of all major EU economies

Positive business news ignored by anti Brexit media ….. again! The BBC especially has selective myopia if anything positive occurs in the UK unless they preface it with “despite Brexit”. I have a suggestion, every time we see this phrase from them we should comment or retaliate with “to spite Brexit!”.

A new report commissioned by the World Bank, Doing Business,  ranks Britain as the 7th best country in the world to do business – the highest of any of the EU’s major economies. Germany is ranked 20th and France is ranked 31st. We are ahead of Japan too, and the US is only one place above us. Here is the full league table.

The criteria used to determine a country’s position are summarised in the table below, they are extremely comprehensive and if you glance at the “what is measured” column you will start to understand that the “lies” about UK businesses transferring to France or Germany post Brexit is pure fantasy and scaremongering. Yet they publish yesterday a scurrilous piece of astrology from The Guardian that the average household  will be £930 per annum worse off after Brexit. The BBC and other MSM ignore reports and data like the World Bank report purely “TO SPITE BREXIT”.

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