Why I deleted all my social media accounts

Did anyone read about the young man who has been thrown off his postgraduate degree course at Halam University, Sheffield, UK? He is Felix Ngole, studying Social Welfare, and a devout Christian who put forward the Biblical view on same sex marriage on Facebook. A couple of days later I decided to delete all of my social media accounts which over the past 12 months have provided less and less social engagement of any quality.

  • LinkedIn has become nothing more than a Facebook clone for business people to put up quotations, own selfies, trumpet blowing and collect followers. Professional networking zero!
  • Instagram and Pinterest are nothing more than galleries for the “like, like, like Brigade”. Photographic discussion zero.
  • Tumblr remains a mystery as it unleashed a load of pornographic spam at me.
  • Facebook and Twitter take the top prize for self centredness, intolerance and abuse!

During the build up to the UK referendum on EU membership last year, as a psychologist I became interested in the Cognitive Dissonance that seemed to be sweeping the country with traditional tribal lines on voting disappearing, new lines appearing and being more related to age, job, geography. I started to write about it on Facebook quoting examples on both sides and always trying to be balanced since I was writing about the psychology of it all and not expressing personal political views. Slowly but surely intolerance crept into replies and comments that eventually developed into full scale abuse aimed not only at other commenters but at myself for highlighting examples of the dissonance.

And now we have the reality of Orwell’s 1984 “thought police”, as a young student has his expulsion upheld by a judge, not because he expressed an offensive view or broke any laws, but because he wrote and quoted something that COULD be construed as being offensive to some people. You need to think about that last bit, but as a simple example it means that Macdonalds adverts for beef burgers COULD be taken as offensive by my Buddhist/Hindu wife! Her thoughts on the advert are what count, not the intention behind the advert.
So there you have it, abuse, intolerance, self centredness, unsocial, thought-policing all encountered on the Unsocial Media.

If you want a quick view of Ngole’s case go here Felix Ngole High Court Appeal

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  1. i deleted my personal facebook a few years ago and have not EVER missed it! 🙂 it’s forced me to have more ‘real’ interactions with my friends which has been so fun!

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  2. So very true. I have only kept my blog and FB – in the latter I am very careful what I post, but it is one of the ways I keep in touch with my relatives who live a continent away. Sadly, I am also thinking of deleting my academia account which is becoming more and more commercial and fewer academic publishers allow you to upload offprints, citing copyright restrictions. What ever happened to the free exchange of ideas? There was a good article a little while ago in the Guardian by a Cambridge academic on the subject.

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    • We use WhatsApp for simple communication with relatives in Nepal. I forgot about Academia and am constantly being bombarded by them regarding people who have quoted or referenced my Nepal education articles. Click ……. delete again! 😂👍👫

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      • I liked how you broke down what each social media represents. It’s so true-especially the FB being self centered. I think it’s used too many times as a way of bragging rather than sharing!

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        • Thank you, they are all different in how they annoyed me, in a way Tumblr was the worst with not a single follower after 12 months and loads of porn spam emanating from it. The Facebook disease of self centredness crept into LinkedIn and amongst my 1000 or so business connections I seemed to be the only one who cared! You might like to look out for my next post in a couple of hours as I begin to reread Orwell’s 1984 and place it in a post Brexit post Trump world. I appreciate your comments and hope you will continue engaging …… not too busy a mom!

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        • I’m not too familiar with some of the other platforms but I can definitely see the truth in the ones I do know. I will watch out for your next post!


  3. Hi Dr B and Dr C

    I did wonder what had happened. Wondered this afternoon if you were both well so glad to read this.

    I do somewhat agree. I don’t at all bother with Facebook, Twitter or tumbler.

    I do use Pinterest sometimes – gives me a nice quick reference on ideas, art I like and dog breeds.
    And I am of course still an instagrammer! I love creating my little photos, I find it quite relaxing when I’m tired or helpful when I want to get a bit of creative thinking going. But I do strongly agree that there is little discussion of photography. I tend to delete any accounts I’m following that are doing what I consider too many selfies!! And I get maybe half a dozen followers every day that I ignore so the next day they un-follow!
    Anyway I am glad all is well. My business, gratefully, has taken off very well since Spring so although I may rarely communicate at the moment I do still enjoy reading your blogs and quite agree that it is maybe the better way to go!!

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    • Thanks Mel, you are one of only two people I will miss from Instagram along with Rosario. I was hoping to see her again in Barcelona next month for a day but I doubt our cruise ship will stop there now in light of the Catalonia problem.


      • Ah would you believe I have booked a week in Catalonia in March. A few days in Barcelona and then Tarragona and Girona so I am also following how this plays out with great interest.

        I think it rather sad and I can’t help feeling they have shot themselves in the foot by pushing to hard and too fast.

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