Postcard from England: #7 Dover Castle

The Two Doctors On Tour

 The South Coast of England-Dover Castle

The third day of our Tour’s second area of England along the South Coast across Sussex and Kent up towards Greenwich.

Dover Castle is described as THE most iconic of English fortresses, and there has been a structure here since 800BC, through the medieval period, the second World War, and up to modern day. It is the Medieval period that ibterests us the most, and the Great Tower and surrounds built by Henry II in the Angevin Period is what interested us the most. Surprisingly, many of the rooms of The Great Tow have been fantastically decorated by English Heritage, the banquet hall, the kings bedroom. How many of us pass through Dover either going or returning from holiday and never even cast a glance at England’s greatest fortress. (The Two Doctors Tour of England overview)

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Dover Castle

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  1. Quite right. I have passed through Dover several times but never found time to visit the castle.

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  1. Castles, Cathedrals, Clocks and Docks | Tales Of Mindful Travels

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