Burgundy: Wine, food, and food with wine!

Says it all really, a small strip of land in France where gastronomy IS the culture, from terroir to vine to bottle, and from farm to market to table ….. you don’t come to Burgundy to see it, you come here to TASTE it!

Our arrival today follows on from two of us riding in yesterday’s L’Etape du Tour and is the beginning of a two weeks odyssey of Epicurean delights, but all in moderation as Epicurus advised …. pleasure without excess …. But this is difficult when you are surrounded with Pommard, Volnay, Montrachet, escargots, epoisses, jambon persilee, and boef bourgignon. We hope you enjoy our daily posts and if you want us to go and taste, photograph, visit, explore, write about, then do let us know via the comments section below. A few more photos of Meursault Mairie and our Grand Maison for our stay.

Meursault Mairie

Grand Maison



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