Burgundy, culture et la gastronomie!

La Brasserie

Great anticipation of our upcoming holiday. Time to embark on our travels again leaving behind the toxic environment of anti Brexit, media bias, self serving politicians, arrogant celebrities, protester violence ….. A month of gastronomic indulgence in Burgundy should sort us out! Here’s a reminder of urban brasserie culture from 2016:

Serveur et Client


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11 replies

  1. Wow! Enjoy your trip Dr B and Dr C…! 👍

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  2. Looks good, I too am away to France in a couple of weeks time.

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  3. Can’t wait 😊🍷📦


  4. Not long now!! 🍷🍷

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  5. A bit of hedonism should reboot the mental computer. I am a firm believer.

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