Diane Abbot leads street protests

Imagine a world in which a nation’s Government policy, after a democratic election, is influenced by:

  • Street protests led by defeated party militants
  • Self interest protest groups such as gays, lesbians, feminists, greens
  • Social media attacks incessantly on Twitter, Facebook etc against the majority party or government
  • Mainstream Media who are overwhelmingly biased and anti government in their reporting, TV interviews, chat shows, and debates
  • Defeated Ex politicians such as Fallon, Corbyn, Blair undermining what people voted for
  • Wealthy left wing “celebrity” Marxists such as Miller, Branson, Grayling, Rowling, Lineker, setting up protest organisations.
  • Children holding up placards and screaming at demonstrations
  • A coalition of defeated parties and their politicians encouraging street protests and rallies
  • An unelected house/chamber such as HoL or the EU spending taxpayers money to find ways to overturn or slow up government legislation.
  • A union of European countries funding the setting up of pro EU offices INSIDE the UK as propaganda machines

Welcome to the HELL that is the democratic nation of the United Kingdom, now in its death throes!

The minority!

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  1. Imagine protests in 1939 when we needed to be united against an enemy . I accept legitimate protests, but not when they are based on overturning democratic votes or decisions, broad based against ANY single party instead of an issue, violent and destructive of property and use minors as part of it. I for one would not want a Russian revolution in our country, but I fear it’s coming, but NOT from the left!

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  2. Imagine English history without the Levellers and the Diggers and the Revolution/Civil War. Imagine North America without the Boston Tea Party. Imagine France without The March on Versailles. Imagine Russia without the Revolution. We would still have government by Divine Right of Kings! Sometimes it is legitimate to demonstrate and protest!


  3. This is bonkers! Reader doesn’t recognise Pixelesque or @sean! Also there is a follow button at the end of your blog but it keeps rejecting me. I’ve just done an email subscriber but not ideal. B.


  4. As a fellow Cumbrian I tried to follow you a while back but couldn’t find your follow button


    • Its a self hosted account that I have. The WordPress follow widget was a little temperamental on my site, so I removed it. I’ll give the widget another go tomorrow. You should be able to follow via the WordPress reader 🙂


  5. An interesting viewpoint, and very close to my own opinion. We’ve had a referendum to leave Europe. We’ve had Parliamentary elections. The disgruntled minority – and that is what they are – cannot accept democracy.

    It’s sickening to see them parading in the streets, with the likes of John McDonnell praising rioting students for kicking the proverbial out of bystanders, and being allowed to get away with inciting hate.

    The silent majority need to wake from their slumber.

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