UK government funds anti-EU propaganda centres!


Sorry, I mistyped the headline. It should have read as:

EU offers €48,000 to host EU propaganda centres in UK during Brexit process

In other words the EU are using European taxpayers money to help fund organisations and centres to promote the EU and remaining in it in our own country during the Brexit negotiations! Here’s a few paragraphs from the report:

• The programme, funded by EU taxpayers, offers money only to organisations which agree to “convey the EU’s positions as accurately as possible”.

• Partner organisations must write articles and contribute to TV and radio broadcasts in order to receive the funding which starts at a level of €24,000.

• Beneficiaries are expected to organise events promoting EU information and can optionally open a ‘walk-in centre’ on the condition that EU material is on prominent display.

• Despite claiming that the centres are impartial, the scheme only offers money to those who commit to ‘communicating on a Europe that protects, empowers and defends’ as Britain leaves the EU.

You can read the full news here EU Propaganda Centres, but of course you won’t find it on the BBC or other MSM sites probably because they’re taking the cash themselves to undermine us.

But can you imagine the outrage if my own headline were true and that the UK had set up anti EU and Brexit centres in France, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary ….. the squealing from Brussels, Merkel, Corbyn, Sturgeon and all of the left wing virtue signalling cultural Marxists would have been deafening …..

So, let’s do it!

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  1. The European Union is misnamed, since it’s actions are actually counter to the unification of Europe. It should be renamed the Global Union.

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