Photo Challenge: “Life is one big Delta”

Photo Challenge: Delta {change, transition, transformation.}

This weeks WordPress Photo Challenge is related to the word Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet and often used to symbolise the concept and practice of change, especially in mathematics and science.

Photo Challenge:Delta

My chosen photo is also symbolic, taken last week as my wife and I, with our daughter Sharon sat on a decaying wooden bench overlooking the small lake on the nature reserve next to our Cotswolds home. We didn’t talk much, just sat with our own thoughts, my own immersed in the change we have experienced since moving to live here over 30 years ago. A lifetime of “deltas” with children growing up, a daughters marriage, the loss of parents, the loss of a son, business and career successes, clothes that no longer fit, bodies that no longer work (!), retirement ……… isn’t it strange what thoughts a few minutes reflection and one photograph can conjure up?


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