The UK is on the verge of war ….. let’s have a General Election!

Your country needs you

Its all a dream

It’s 1939, I know that because my bedside calendar says so.

Germany is seeking to rule Europe and we have a new Prime Minister appointed after the previous one resigned. A general election has been called because both houses are split over whether to go to war or not and the new PM needs a clear mandate to ensure the country’s survival.

Each party has a different focus with the media clearly taking an anti war and anti government stance, especially the BBC who pack discussions and debates with liberal-left leaning appeasers.

The Conservative Party put their complete focus on the issue of war and survival, nothing else matters, when you are up to your arse in alligators then need to forget an earlier mission of draining the swamp.

The Labour Party accept that war is inevitable but are focusing on the health service, taxation, open borders and maintaining migration.

The Liberal Party want a referendum too for the people to have a say in how war will be waged.

The Green Party want a “clean war” with the UK giving up projectile weapons and rearming with swords, spears, and using horses instead of tanks. They believe that Germany not doing this is irrelevant and we have an obligation.

The SNP want a war but with Scotland not in it and opting out.

I woke up and found a hung parliament with the UK now ruled by a Labour-SNP coalition! Shit, I’m trapped in a nightmare!

Time to wake up

I’m awake now, and thoroughly pissed off with the complete selfish and unfocused agendas of these parties. Brexit is war, we are being attacked financially, culturally, territorially and democratically. Unity across the land is non existent, leadership is non existent, media balance is non existent. The general election is about one thing split into three issues:

  1. Sovereignty
  2. Democracy
  3. Law

 Understand and vote!

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